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I was not a huge tín đồ of Tim Burton"s originalAlice in Wonderland, but I did lượt thích how the film, at least, tried lớn tell its story as something of a metaphor for strict gender roles/expectations both of Victorian-era London & the present day. And so I was happy to see the opening moments of this trailer explicitly reference the idea of hysteria as a go-to diagnosis khổng lồ penalize/persecute women who dared stand out in "incorrect" ways during the proverbial olden days.

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There"s a terrific 2011 Maggie Gyllenhaal movie (directed by Tanya Wexler) about this issue,called (fittingly enough)Hysteriaand concerning the invention of the vibrator.Go rent it & then come back.

(100 minutes later)

Okay, point being,Linda Woolverton"s screenplay forAlice in Wonderlandhad some good ideas at its core. I can only hope that Ms. Woolverton"s screenplay forAlice Through the Looking Glasswill make at least as much of an effort khổng lồ filter its fantastical story through real world feminist concerns.

Walt Disney has certainly not shied away from dealing with politics and/or social mores in its recent blockbusters (Maleficentwas I Spit On Your Gravefor kids), and they will certainly have a captive audience for this blockbuster sequel lớn the $1 billion-grossing original 2010 smash. Anyway, that just caught my attention right off the bat.

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As for the rest of this trailer, which dropped an hour ago, I have no idea how much Walt Disney paid P!nk lớn record a cover of "White Rabbit." But I hope it was almost as much money as they paidFrederick Lloyd lớn cover "The Force Theme" for the third Star Wars: The Force Awakenstrailer. Because it"s a jolting and percussion-heavy cover of an already terrific (and obviously context-appropriate) tuy nhiên that offers an urgency và excitement lớn the footage.

Now we all know that trailer music can be misleading. Heck, I once took in a double feature & saw two different versions of theCrow: city of Angelstrailer, one with heavy metal and the other with Gregorian chanting. The difference in impact was night-and-day. But for the moment, we"re talking about marketing. Thus far every new trailer và TV spot has made me more excited lớn see this Woolverton-scripted & James Bobin-directed sequel with just under two months khổng lồ go.

Now that doesn"t mean the movie will be better, or that the film will vày anywhere near what the first picture did. But it does mean thatwe dismiss this one as one of the big summer blockbusters at our peril.we dismiss this one as one of the big summer blockbusters at our peril.

Alice Through the Looking Glassopens May 27th and starsMia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Michael Sheen, Toby Jones, Alan Rickman, Sasha Baron Cohen và Andrew Scott. Hey, Anne Hathaway và Mia Wasikowska in the same movie as Michael Sheen, Alan Rickman, and Andrew Scott? My wife và I call that a win/win!


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