Gregg Popovich coached the spur to a 15th consecutive 50-win season. (Christopher Trotman/Getty Images)


San Antonio's Gregg Popovich was called NBA Coach that the Year on Tuesday.

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Popovich won the award because that the 3rd time after top the spur to a league-best 62-20 record, including a franchise-best 30-11 top top the road. San Antonio won 19 consecutive games from Feb. 26 to April 2, the longest streak in team background and tied because that the 5th longest in NBA history. The Spurs conquered even together no player averaged at the very least 30 minute per game -- one NBA very first -- and used 30 different starting lineups, 2nd most in the league.

Popovich joined Pat Riley and also Don Nelson as the just three-time winners. The totaled 380 points, including 59 first-place votes, native a dashboard of 124 sportswriters and broadcasters. Phoenix's Jeff Hornacek (37 first-place votes, 339 points), in his very first season as a head coach, finished second. Chicago's Tom Thibodeau (12 first-place votes, 159 points) was third, complied with by Charlotte's Steve Clifford and also Toronto's Dwane Casey. Coaches were awarded five points because that each first-place vote, 3 points because that each second-place vote and also one suggest for every third-place vote.

DEITSCH: Sager heartened by support from Popovich, NBA

Hornacek had the most first-place votes because that a runner-up buzzpatterson.comnce 2007. The Suns were the NBA's most-improved team, going from 25-57 come 48-34 and also unexpectedly competing for a playoff spot in the deep west Conference until the critical week that the season.

The 65-year-old Popovich is the longest-tenured coach in the four major American sports leagues; he is perfect his 18th season with San Antonio. The Spurs have won 50 or much more games in 15 continually seasons and also 16 the 17. The only exception was the lockout-shortened 1998-99 season, as soon as San Antonio go 37-13 (a 60-win pace).

The spurs lead the Mavericks 1-0 in a first-round playoff series. Video game 2 is Wednesday in san Antonio.

Click below to see exactly how each media member voted. Finish voting outcomes are below:



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