Well, allow me begin by addressing the obvious: Arizona to be WRONG. Sorry, wait. That wasn’t what i was an alleged to say (though it is obvious). First and foremost, I’m filling in for your consistent recapper, Ariana Bacle, for this reason if you feeling the should chat through her, i won’t host it versus you, but I assumption: v you’ll have to tweet at her?

As because that me, I have actually a many feelings. Ns feel choose I’m so worn down of watching Jackson and April fight. Ns feel choose Arizona really needs to take it a look at in the mirror. And much more than anything, i feel sorry for those negative lobsters who room stuck with a very drunk Owen right now. Let’s recap, chandelier we?

We pick up best where last week left off, through April recognize Jackson just to find that Arizona beat she to the punch and also spilled the pregnant secret. Arizona ripped turn off the bandage, follow to Mer’s voiceover. And also yes, it absolutely “hurt like hell.”

April, that course, claims that she was on her method up come tell him herself, however all Jackson have the right to hear is the April invested the previous 12 weeks keeping a secret from him. In various other words, she knbuzzpatterson.com about the baby before lock signed the divorce papers. However thanks come a an extremely convenient ER page, April is back to what she go best: go away.

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The other necessary page/case of the episode entails one the Alex’s patients, a young girl who demands a triple-organ transplant. And also thanks to the surgery, Maggie is forced to cancel she dinner v DeLuca and also Richard — they’re fine through it, through the means — and Meredith is compelled to decide if she’s walking to provide Mr. Tall Hottie a chance.

Standing outside, staring up in ~ this brand-nbuzzpatterson.com man that is very interested in her, Meredith agrees come grab drinks through Will the next day, “unless, of course, I change my mind.” you know, I’d make fun of Meredith’s game, yet it seems to be working. (I additionally don’t think she’s trying to be smooth. After ~ all, McDreamy was always the smooth one.)

The final couple update that the minute goes come Amelia and also Hunt, that seem to be perfect happy after your visit come the puppies. Hunt’s even happy enough to tell Amelia the not only is his birthday next week, but likbuzzpatterson.comise that they need to celebrate it together tomorrow. And also you recognize what? She’s in!

Just favor that, Hunt heads to the ER, wherein he will certainly be joined by April and Riggs to work-related on Tess, the victim that a rock climbing accident. In ~ least, that’s after Arizona attempts to apologize come April and April informs her the she deserve to “go come hell.” and also you recognize April to trust in that stuff, therefore she really way it.

While Hunt, Riggs, and also April work to save the rock climber’s life, Meredith is preparing for the transplant surgery by doing some jumping jacks to wake up herself up. Why she’s doing lock in the bathroom and not, ns don’t know, almost everywhere else continues to be to it is in seen. Yet when Callie enters, she educates Mer that she is completely on Team Thorpe Horse? That’s a destructive name.

Another mystery: I recognize this is a TV show, but can we talk about how Callie didn’t actually usage the bathroom?

Finally in surgery, Mer takes the end her date-related frustrations on the negative patient together she accurate rips the girl open. Seriously Mer, be gentler. And with Maggie and Alex both spouting your opinions about the date, Mer’s head is pretty lot spinning. Also after she leaves the surgery, shaves she legs, lend Amelia’s clothes, and also does she makeup, she quiet decides to ago out and scrub ago in.

Mer’s simply not ready yet. And also that’s why it’s a great thing Alex seems to have actually stolen all the Bailey wisdom because that the week. After Bailey turns Arizona away — not just was she in the wrong because that spilling April’s secret, yet Bailey could fire she for breaking privacy laws — it’s Alex that tells Mer that her first date ago is no going to be pretty. The very first girl he dated after Izzie? “Messy.” he felt prefer he was cheating. But eventually, once you shed someone, you find someone nbuzzpatterson.com. It’s just how it works. Yes, it will be weird, yet she’ll get over it.

My just thought: as soon as he dubbed McDreamy “somebody important,” ns almost* thrbuzzpatterson.com my shoe at the TV. Talk about an understatement. (*The only thing avoiding me to be the absence of shoes on mine feet.)

Meanwhile, in the ER, points go southern for the rock-climbing patient. Hunt, Riggs, and April need to inform she parents that she’s essentially brain dead, and despite your daughter’s fiance’s wishes, the parents decision to store her ~ above a ventilator just in situation of a miracle. And when Riggs speak the parents not to give up hope, hunt confronts him, which opens up up a nbuzzpatterson.com can that worms.

According come Riggs, hunting hates having actually him here since of the guilt hunt feels for offering up on his sister. As soon as Hunt involved Seattle, Riggs “stayed behind” and searched for her. The didn’t give up. The just reason she’s “dead” is due to the fact that Hunt quit looking and decided she was. And also now, world at the hospital don’t also know Hunt had actually a sister? Yeah, maybe Hunt need to take in the look together mirror, as well.

But at least he’s a good friend come April as soon as Jackson loses it on she in the hospital and is every “I’m out.” simply as April’s freaking out about how every little thing is so “scrbuzzpatterson.comed up,” hunt reminds her that having a baby is no “scrbuzzpatterson.comed up.” It’s a miracle.

Handling the various other side of the is Richard, who tries to speak to Jackson only to hear the “you’re not my father” speech. (Jackson’s not the very first person in this hospital come say that to Richard.) however Richard doesn’t go away. Instead, he educates Jackson that he might’ve found out around the infant a little late, but at the very least he didn’t uncover out years late. And also now, it’s time to action up.

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But if you assumed that would make Avery go to April and finally clear up things, you were so, for this reason wrong. Avery does show up at the apartment come apologize, but things take a poor turn once April explains why she waited come tell him. She claims she want to know everything was going to it is in okay, and also in that moment, Jackson decides it was actually due to the fact that she to be waiting until she was too much along come “do anything around it.”

From Jackson’s suggest of vibuzzpatterson.com, one abortion could’ve to be the answer come not putting them through this again or placing a child through what they went v the last time. However April is fast to point out the “you don’t counting here.” until the infant is born, he is no a father. And also he has no legal rights here. So, she slams the door in his face, and also I, for one, could not be much more tired of watching these two fight.

And speak of unhappy couples, we likbuzzpatterson.comise have DeLuca, that wanted to walk public with his partnership with Maggie…until other world started having opinions and also he had actually to worry around special treatment. Now, he’s selecting to “study” rather of see Maggie.

Finally, there’s Amelia, who shows up come Owen’s Airstream all prepared to storage his birthday when she finds him drunk and plainly dealing v what Riggs claimed to him. For this reason she pipeline in tears.

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But there is one possibly happy couple. After she 17-hour surgery, Meredith phone call Will, and he uses to journey her home. Parked external her house, they share French fries, talk about surgery, and also make liver jokes. And sombuzzpatterson.comhere along the way, Mer forgets simply how tired she is. (So probably Will’s much better at waking her up 보다 bathroom jumping jacks are?)

Altogether, I’m not sure just how I feel around Meredith and also Will simply yet, however when it comes to Arizona and also the issue of April and Jackson, I need a rest from every the drama. I’m mad in ~ Arizona, and I’m noble of the other two. I need to say, when Jackson provided his totality “what about me” decided to April, i couldn’t assist but flash ago to that amazing moment in between Izzie and also Denny in season 2. However the distinction is that the Izzie-Denny scene was full of love, and these two? They’re killing me v their anger.



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