Grey"s Anatomy Season 14 episode 22 Review: fight For your Mind

Arizona and also Alex had personal storylines throughout the hour, however they likewise had to share it v the hospital national politics via the Harper Avery scandal or the shooting of Vikram Roy. In a sense, that was disappointing. 

Fans have been waiting for year to dig deeper right into Alex"s past and also find out much more about him. Of all the original characters remaining, he"s the one the lacked the most background or ties come his personal life outside of the hospital. 

This installment was expected to be response to that through The Bionic mrs herself, Lindsay Wagner, guest-starring together Alex"s mother, Helen.

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She to be a great actress -- an iconic one, to actors in this role, and so maybe I had actually my wishes up too high because while ns loved the tidbits that Alex"s storyline, it left me unsettled much more than anything. 

My entirety life all I wanted was a mother who isn"t sick. Ns didn"t care around toys or any type of of the crap. I just wanted a mother who was OK. She is. She lastly is, and also she doesn"t desire me here.


Jo and Alex took a road trip (it to be weird that they drove come visit his mother, yet they flew back). Now, allow me tell you exactly how I would have envisioned this kind of hour. Because that one, I would certainly have had actually this a independent episode and not something that was squeezed in prior to the penultimate and also final episodes of the season. 

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I would have had actually at most a fourth of the hour invested on the vehicle ride.

They can have offered that to offer Jo and also Alex the opportunity to talk about Alex"s past much more because i imagine he and also Jo have talked about it, but the audience wasn"t privy come it. It could have contained flashbacks. The flashbacks they supplied a while ago could have actually been saved up for his independent hour. 

It could have unravelled from there whereby it took him a bit to track under his mother instead of having the friendly neighbor spill ideal off the bat the she was at work. It can have heightened everything. Then, it can have caused their reunion, and the rest of the hour can unfold indigenous there. 


Alex can have been forced to concerned grips through his mom being healthy now yet not contacting him. If us were lucky, his siblings might have been connected in part capacity too. Walk Alex contact them come tell castle he thought their mother was lacking or dead? 

Their family worries could have actually been laid out there and also talked through. It wouldn"t have actually been fixed by the hour"s end since that would be also neat that a wrap-up, yet it could have been totally fleshed out and also opened the door for much more development in the upcoming seasons. 

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The arc was unfulfilling and also anticlimactic. We still don"t know very much about Helen Karev or Alex or his siblings ~ this. All we know is that his mother"s mental disease has improved over the years, and also she"s healthier 보다 she has been. 

Justin Chambers and Lindsay Wagner go a great job v what they were provided. Their hug do me smile, and also I loved the minute when he went back to the library come speak through her. 

My sweet boy. My truest love.

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Justin Chambers killed it during the batting cage scenes and also when he to be speaking come Jo on the bench. Alex"s feelings were all combined up since his mommy was well and mentally healthy, yet she never ever reached the end to him. 

He gained hurt by her failure to with out and let him recognize that she to be OK. He was pissed off the she became healthy once he no much longer needed her. Alex resented she for not getting far better during the years he spent as a teenager taking treatment of her and also his siblings. 

Then, of course, that hurt him that she didn"t appear to want much to execute with him because she strictly followed her routine, and that was how she continued to be healthy. It was a lot because that Alex come process, and also his anger and also hurt during the batting cage scene was palpable. 

By the finish of the hour, he made peace with his mother"s health and also her brand-new routine. She was unfazed by conference Jo, and she"s most likely not walking to your wedding. Again, it to be unfulfilling. 


The heart of Arizona"s storyline stems native Sofia"s issues. Sofia is no doing fine in Seattle. The child stole money to buy a plane ticket to go earlier to brand-new York. She has been struggling every season. 

There is something about this the irks me, and also I can"t accurately decide why. Over there is this inconsistency with Sofia"s custody arrangement and where she felt happiest. In part ways, I interpreted Carina"s point. 

Arizona made the meant decision, and also she called Callie approximately tell her that Sofia would certainly be returning to brand-new York and also that she would be involvement her. Let"s hope nothing wake up to her in between now and also the finale that will certainly interfere v that. 

Callie, hey. I was thinking, um. Ns think Sofia should move back to brand-new York v you, and I think I have to move earlier with her.


Arizona"s situation with Theresa motivated her. The only thing i took away from Theresa was the reality that it"s crazy ridiculous this hospital doesn"t have a psychiatrist who is a semi-regular character. They should. 

Everything v Theresa would have gotten resolved had a shrink stepped in. The wouldn"t have forced a house contact from Arizona, yet it did cause a terrific moment wherein Arizona spoke around how an essential skating was to her. 

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I also loved when she identified Callie made the right an option to amputate her leg. The utterly ruined their marriage (along with various other things), for this reason it was nice the she has actually grown sufficient to make peace with the choice. 

The instance only exist for that one scene and for Arizona to involved this realization the she should have had eras ago. It was a lovely step though.


Amelia has her work cut out because that her through Betty. Owen is in bliss v baby Leo and has required to dressing the child up choose a baby model, however Amelia had actually the more onerous job of help Betty obtain through she detox. It was ugly. 

It"s never ever a pretty photo when someone is coming down from drugs, and Amelia taken on it fine at first. Ns loved when she dubbed herself the exorcist. She may have been as well confident though due to the fact that I knew Betty would certainly take turn off the second she had actually a minute alone, and also sure enough, she did. 

I intend Betty to pop earlier up again. That knows what state she"ll it is in in when she go though? Amelia admitting the she felt guilty since she was among those physicians who prescribed patients things without reasoning of the effects at the AA conference was excellent. I like Amelia focusing on she sobriety. 


I additionally enjoyed Meredith doing right by Marie yet letting the woman recognize she doesn"t desire to resolve her again. Meredith taken why Marie felt the method she did, and she sympathized v Marie"s situation, yet it wasn"t appropriate of Marie come screw Meredith over choose that. 

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Marie"s actions were worse 보다 ever since she knew better. She gained used through Avery and also discarded choose all the various other women, and she knew exactly how awful that was the Ellis didn"t put sisterhood and also their friendship over the medicine and also accolades, however she chose to screw Meredith end anyway. 

Marie: Mer-Mer. Give thanks to you so much. Can we talk?Meredith: Marie, i think I claimed all I had actually to say.

Meredith acknowledging her mother"s not correct in selecting medicine over friendship was crucial given how peeved she was about Catherine. I prefer that she have the right to understand their positions and also perspectives provided the time duration they came up in, however she doesn"t let them turn off the hook for your choices. 

Speaking of one Avery, i loved the exchange in between Jackson and also April. He was able to set aside money for Harriet, yet the remainder of it is up for grabs. Jackson Avery is a billionaire no more. If he wants to do right and also keep every the hospitals afloat, he"s going to have to go broke. 

It looks good on him, and also it suits him. 

As for Vik. He should have stayed fired as much as I"m concerned. This storyline didn"t critical as lengthy as ns expected, and also it didn"t head in any kind of of the directions the I meant either. Meh. 

It did lug out badass Bailey, and I think her as soon as she intimidated to be so far up Vik"s ass he"d think she was she rectum thing. Serves him right. 

Did you uncover the Alex/Helen storyline fulfilling? What space your thoughts on Arizona"s selection to relocate to new York? hit the comments below!

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