Meredith has her IV removed. One orderly mops increase blood. Alex paces and throws something. The doctors argue end a patient.

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Karev hangs increase on Izzie and crikes patient. Cathy starts to crash. April reads she chart. Christina scrubs out of surgery. Body organ failure. Coding.
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Alex talks to Izzie's mom. Alex and Reed talk. Reed help Charles v Cathy. Alex pipeline Charles.
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Derek speak to Richard. Alex litter his cabinet phone versus the wall. The firefighters celebrate. Cristina chastises the doctors and also defends April.
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We at this time have no record of an official soundtrack album released because that this season. Send album.

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What is the important song playing while the chef is shoot the mercy west physician for killing the patient? I complimentary fall in the sound as quickly as that played. Sound hound doesn't pick it up. Help?

S6 · E2 · GoodbyeWhat is the tune playing if Callie is transforming clothes in the hallway in prior of Mark... More
S6 · E20 · Hook, Line and also SinnerWhat song is playing when teddy ceded her daughter top top Grey's anatomyAnd what song... More



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