Grey"s Anatomy Season 11 illustration 15 Review: i Feel the planet Move

Meredith"s surgery came to a halt as the building shook favor crazy. After ~ 89 effective surgeries, her long streak was threatened and yet she still seemingly was able to save another life.

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That"s appropriate – Meredith hasn"t shed a patient due to the fact that November 14, which just happens to be the day that Derek left.

I chosen that Meredith admitted that her youngsters were happy and her career was soaring, but none the that supposed anything there is no Derek. She referred to as to call him that they to be on a streak, and also I naively believed that us would ultimately hear McDreamy ~ above the various other line. It"s simply been also long!

I should have known better, though. Of food an unfamiliar mrs voice to be on the various other line. Seriously?! No one has actually time because that unnecessary drama. Derek much better not be messing around. 

Meanwhile, Maggie found herself grounding in one elevator through a flirty radiologist. She"s for this reason awkward, and I"m glad the she ended up speak yes come Ethan. I recognize we just met Ethan however there"s something around him v Maggie that makes me desire to check out more.

Elsewhere, Owen obtained a phone contact from a child, that was worried around his mother"s safety. Owen functioned with Amelia and Richard to give medical advice to the young girl over the phone in really hopes of conserving her mother"s life. 

I great I might say the I enjoyed this storyline, but I discovered it hard to think that the hospital didn"t require all hand on deck on such a hectic day. Walk all three of the doctors really need to be top top the phone? 

I did like the scenes in between Owen and also Ruby. Castle reminded me of how Owen once wanted to be a father, and also I can"t wait until that day in reality happens because that him.

It to be nice to see April and Jackson back at the hospital. Ben join the "plastics posse" through Jackson and also realized that he necessary to it is in there because that his sister. Kudos for reflecting Ben had actually a adjust of heart and also for additionally apologizing to Bailey. 

Other Thoughts:

Do you think Derek might actually be cheating? I simply don"t view it happening, however hope we obtain answers next week. Please don"t drag this out.Omelia hugged that out and also did much more in the on-call room. Space you rooting because that these 2 yet?I chosen Callie and Maggie"s scenes with each other this week. They were fun and also lighthearted, and also that seems to be something that"s been doing not have lately ~ above Grey"s Anatomy.

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What did girlfriend think of "I feel the planet Move"? I thought the rate was fair and am disappointed with the method it ended. Together a significant MerDer fan, i don"t treatment for more drama in your marriage. Overall, the episode simply didn"t stand out to me.

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NOTEGrey"s Anatomy Season 11 episode 16 will be titled "Don"t Dream It"s Over" and air top top Thursday, march 19.