Grey’s Anatomy it is intended a fun, light-hearted episode at simply the appropriate time.

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After several emotional episodes, Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 episode 12, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” enables us to breath a little as the doctors focus on the much-anticipated operation contest, but it likewise manages to execute a LOT once it comes to character development.

GREYS ANATOMY – “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” – (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)JESSICA CAPSHAW, STEFANIA SPAMPINATO

April is still handling the tragic job she had actually on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 illustration 10, “Personal Jesus.” There’s hardly any sign that the bubbly, positive April the we’re supplied to seeing. Instead, she’s got a an adverse outlook, she’s sleeping with one intern, and also she also has a lesser regard because that being punctual.

April: God is asleep at the wheel, and humanity is locked in the trunk. They have the right to wait for your damn rules.

There’s a most depth come be seen here, and April gift in fee of the surgical dispute is perfect as it is, however I favor that we’re seeing this specific side of April together she operation it.

Meredith it s okay the chance to shine together a medical professional as well. I mean, exactly how amazing is this woman? and think of how far she’s come end the years. She’s the legend now, and we see why.

She no only has a excellent mind, yet she’s great at solving problems, mirroring compassion, and also being a team player — i m sorry shows once she brings Jo top top board together a companion and additionally realizes that perhaps Jo can like to use a various name. (Too negative there’s walk to it is in a trouble with their idea, i m sorry Meredith only realizes at the finish of the episode.)

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GREYS ANATOMY – “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” – (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)ELLEN POMPEO

I’m seriously loving the friendship that’s arising between these two. It’s gone from this intense dislike come a mentorship, to now a genuine friendship. It might even be coming to be one of my favorite relationships on the show.

There’s in reality a most hope transparent this episode, too, i beg your pardon is nice. The principles everyone has for the surgical challenge are unique and also exciting, and also it feels like they’re every going to make a difference.

Jackson decides come go with his mother’s idea as opposed come the spray top top skin. There’s additionally a many humor come be available working on such a job with his mother.

Catherine: Look, my birthday is coming up. You could think of this vagina together your gift to me.

Jackson: now I’m gonna walk smash my head in with a hammer and also see if I can forget the you stated that.

Along v the humor, though, is the seriousness the how necessary — and how life-changing because that so plenty of — a procedure favor this would certainly be.


The tragic piece of this illustration is Alex and Amelia’s patience — a young girl, Kimmie, through a mind tumor who just wants to have the ability to sing. Her positivity is inspiring, and her voice is beautiful.

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The difficulty is the removing the tumor that can interfere with her capability to speak, and also worse, sadly, of every the doctors and also their projects, it’s Alex and also Amelia’s project, which can find a means around the problem, that doesn’t do the reduced in the operation contest.

What i like around this, and also having brought back Meredith’s spleen patient, is the we’re getting earlier in the habit of having patients v multi-episode arcs. Those are few of the finest stories Grey’s Anatomy has to offer. We’ll be obtaining that too v Candice Cayne together Dr. Michele Velez, therefore there’s absolutely a lot come look front to when the show returns in March.

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Other thoughts:

The communication with Bailey and Levi is so incredibly awkward and funny, especially considering Bailey’s project.I still have no interest in the relationship between DeLuca and Sam. Possibly that will change?Richard and Maggie bonding renders me so happy, and I love that it happens while Richard is taking dance lessons for Catherine. It’s for this reason endearing.I really appreciate seeing the shooting of Arizona’s prosthetic leg early on in the episode. Let’s no forget what she’s been through.
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