exactly how Grey's Anatomy teased Arizona's aircraft Crash Injury 3 Seasons beforehand Grey"s Anatomy season 5 had a ethereal tease in ~ the infamous aircraft crash and Arizona"s fate. Here"s when it happened and what it was.

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Grey’s Anatomy subtly furious the now infamous aircraft crash three seasons early, during one the the survivor’s very first appearances in the show. Created by Shonda Rhimes, Grey’s Anatomy premiered on abc in 2005, and even despite it began as a mid-season replacement, it to be so well-received by critics and also viewers the it has actually lived on for over 10 seasons and shows no signs of preventing soon, also if most of the original cast is now gone, but the constant tension and also drama in the series has retained the audience engaged.

Grey’s Anatomy follows the simple premise of clinical dramas, focusing on the stays of operation interns, residents, and attendings together they do their ideal to balance their professional and personal lives, which often finish up overlapping and also create a many problems. The collection is led through Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), who along with her colleagues, best friends, and also husband has actually gone v a lot of ups and also downs, including some tragedies along the way. Viewers have actually seen numerous beloved characters go for various reasons, experienced a shooting at the hospital, and also even witnessed Meredith about to die countless times, yet one the the most memorable moments has been the airplane crash, which to be subtly furious in season 5.

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The finale that Grey’s Anatomy season 8 left viewers v a major cliffhanger and also a broken heart, together it witnessed the infamous plane crash. The previous episode, “Migration”, complied with Meredith, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), mark Sloan (Eric Dane), Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), and also Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) as they were booked to fly to help the surgical treatment of conjoined pair at a hospital in Boise. However, there was a last-minute change and Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) took Alex’s place as she learned he was planning to leave Seattle grace Hospital. At the finish of the episode, the plane crashed in the woods, and their fates to be revealed in the following episode, appropriately titled “Flight”: Lexie passed away as she was crushed by a item of the plane, Arizona gained a piece of steel stuck in her leg, Derek on his hand, and also Cristina, Mark, and also Meredith no have any kind of visible, an important wounds.

Grey's Anatomy Arizona Robbins
The aircraft crash was really subtly teased three periods back, specifically in season 5’s episode “Sympathy because that the Devil”. This episode was Arizona’s 2nd appearance and she to be working v a patient that was in require of a new liver and intestine, therefore she flew top top a jet through Alex to collection the organs from another hospital. When on the plane, Arizona called Alex the she hated flying together she “always felt lot closer to death flying 보다 in the OR”, and her fear weren’t precisely wrong. What provides this conversation even an ext relevant is the Alex, as discussed above, was supposed to be on the aircraft that crashed, and also Arizona to be going to stay. Grey’s Anatomy season 9 premiere episode made some big reveals about the “Seattle grace Five”: Mark’s injuries to be much an ext serious than initially believed, and also had to be taken turn off of life support, if Arizona had actually her foot amputated.

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Whether this connection in between Arizona’s heat in season 5 and the airplane crash in season 8 was intentional or no is unknown, yet it’s absolutely a pretty (but dark) detail that Grey’s Anatomy fans could not remember unless they have rewatched the show a couple of times. Through Grey’s Anatomy tho going, it’s really likely it will proceed bringing all types of tragedies, for this reason fans might want to salary close attention to any kind of subtle ideas at upcoming disasters and also losses.