Grey"s Anatomy Season 12 episode 5 Review: guess Who"s coming to Dinner

It"s really an interesting way to lug up Derek"s fatality again, i m sorry is other that needs to happen. The issue after the lose of any main personality is the the story will just move forward and they"ll be forgotten.

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Derek"s death, however, still remains an essential part the the story. It"s also become an important part the Meredith"s character. It"s thus that we"ve gotten to see her grow and change in brand-new ways. It"s also the factor she"s back in her old house.

Meredith has actually been dealing with things fine ever because she returned. She"s continuing to be tough, doing good at she job, and also she"s been moving forward. Yet being faced with this person, that one human being who gave her that disastrous news, that changes everything.

To do matters worse? the looks choose Penny is going come be sticking around.

This season that Grey"s Anatomy has been strong so far, but this feels a small too forced. It"s difficult when any brand-new character come on the show, especially due to the fact that the cast is already so large, yet now we"ve acquired a character that will constantly be remembered as the human being who killed Derek.

I mean, that"s a heck of a coincidence. I don"t view it being any kind of fun at all to watch Penny struggle to build working relationships through the medical professionals after she"s simply told them all how she couldn"t conserve Derek. I"m afraid the lighter ton we"ve to be enjoying therefore far during Grey"s Anatomy Season 12 isn"t going come last.

That"s absolutely the case here, with both Meredith and also Amelia lashing the end in painful ways.

i did nothing come you. I shed my husband and also the father of mine children, and also you"re falling apart? i don"t acquire to perform that, due to the fact that I have three kids. So please shut up, and also get out of mine room!


Add to that Owen"s confession about Cristina, and things have gotten dark again quickly.

That, by the way, is one of the most exciting scenes in this episode. First of all, it"s nice to have actually a reminder about another character the is no much longer a component of the cast, yet it"s additionally a reminder about Owen"s facility relationship v her. It"s additionally nice to see Owen and also Amelia functioning toward having actually a relationship, though it"s happening at a snails pace.

The moments through Maggie and Andrew offer some comedic relief, but their also important. Maggie concerns with her UTI the Andrew is a guy who sleeps around, yet when she confronts him through that problem (awkwardly, if she"s at the hospital to be tested) that points the end the gender stereotype connected with that idea.

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His allude is a good one, i beg your pardon Maggie realizes, and Grey"s Anatomy wins again in making vital point around society.

Other Thoughts:

This entirety thing with Stephanie and Jo has come to be insufferable. There needs to be something else for these characters to focus on.Drunk Arizona is amazing. More of the in the future, please!We"re treated to one more odd sheathe of a TLC song. This time, it"s "Waterfalls."

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