In today’s article, we tell the story of the queen of medicine smuggling. The mrs who influenced Pablo Escobar and also drove the Medellin Cartel come its bloodthirsty heights.

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You may have actually been gripped recently by the Netflix drama top top the life that Pablo Escobar, however did you know that long before Escobar there to be The Godmother that Cocaine?

Also well-known as The black Widow, Griselda Blanco has actually a ar in history as the queen of medicine trafficking for creating methods for smuggling and murder that are still offered today.

Griselda Blanco to be a blood-thirsty innovator in the civilization of drugs and death. Review on to uncover out about the astonishing life that Griselda Blanco.

So just who is Griselda Blanco?

Said to it is in responsible for the deaths of approximately 250 people, consisting of at the very least two the her 3 ex-husbands, Griselda Blanco died with a scriptures covering her chest, in a butchers’ shop.

Both charming and also murderous, the is no surprise that Griselda’s dramatic story was made right into a movie by lifetime in 2007, entitled ‘Cocaine Godmother: The Griselda Blanco Story’, certification Catherine Zeta-Jones.

A shocking tale from start to end, Griselda Blanco is said to it is in the impetus for the 1983 classic ‘Scarface’.

Let’s take it a look in ~ the life that the Godmother the Cocaine. The woman who is stated to have brought cocaine and also murder come the highways of Miami.

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How it all started…

Part the the notorious Medellin cartel, the sociopath brand came at an early stage for Griselda when she kidnapped and also murdered a young in 1954, at the age of 11.

When the boy’s parents refuse to give in to the needs for a ransom payment from Griselda and her friends, Griselda’s girlfriend dared her to shoot the young in the head. She did.

Murder number one, aged simply 11.

Living in Medellin, a city regulated by the Medellin Cartel, Griselda was connected in crime from a young age. Sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend, Griselda Blanco ran far from residence when she was 14.


Medellin, once referred to as “the most dangerous city in the world”

The route to “success”

After falling in love with her first husband in ~ the period of thirteen, they got married and had 3 children: Dixon, Uber, and also Osvaldo. Both associated in criminal activity, they divorced in the sixties. The Godmother is stated to have murdered that ten years later on over a disagreement about a organization matter.

In the beforehand seventies, Griselda relocated to America through her 2nd husband, Alberto Bravo. Settling in brand-new York, Griselda really uncovered her feet, as she created her rewarding drug smuggling empire.

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The Godmother’s effective Colombia to new York route, associated innovations such as drugs flown in by light aircraft and also ‘drug-smuggling underwear’ with hidden compartments, developed in her very own lingerie shop, ago in Medellin.

Alberto Bravo, Blanco’s second husband was stated to have involved an finish at the hand of the black Widow, ~ a shoot-out in between Alberto and Griselda. Furious around missing drug money, Alberto and six bodyguards were killed, whilst Griselda come away with a just wound to the stomach.

Clearly, this was no a woman to it is in messed with.

However, things involved a head in 1975, once Blanco left America in a hurry come escape arrest. In act so, Griselda regulated to avoid what would have actually been the best arrest because that cocaine smuggling in history.

After lying short in Colombia because that a couple of years. Griselda went back to America to continue her profitable drug-smuggling business. However, this time she determined a brand-new location. Miami.

Within a few years, Griselda’s manic ways had turned Miami ~ above its head.

By the eighties, Miami was out of control. Cocaine trafficking and also the savage violence that accompanied it to be rife. 

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The blame is placed firmly in ~ the feet of Griselda Blanco’s wild and also savage methods of cocaine smuggling. A callousness that placed her in ~ the really top that the Miami medicine scene.

Her ruthless struggle to remain at the helm became known as the ‘Miami medicine War’. She is said to have actually invented together barbaric acts together ‘the motorbike assassination’. The motorbike assassination is when an assassin shoot a victim from the back of a motorcycle, driven by an accomplice.

Griselda and her gang of frenzied smugglers nicknamed the ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ were recorded in a 2006 documentary the the same name developed by Alfred Spellman and also Billy Corben.

During the Miami drug War, Griselda established herself together the leading medicine lord in Miami, amassing millions and millions of dollars in wealth. During her heyday, she gang’s medicine smuggling activities were claimed to be transforming over $80,000,000 every month.

Brutal and cold-blooded, she was stated to have actually killed chaste bystanders, associates, double-crossers and even a tiny child.

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Michael Corleone Blanco & the end


Griselda Blanco & Michael Corleone Blanco

Whilst judgment the waves in Miami, Griselda met her third husband Dario Sepulveda. They had actually a boy together referred to as Michael Corleone (yes, that was named after the film, The Godfather).

When Dario make the efforts to leaving Griselda and return to Colombia through their son Michael, she is stated to have had actually him shot en-route. Michael Corleone Blanco was went back to Griselda in Miami.

Griselda’s violent methods came at a cost and she had countless enemies. After ~ yet one more assassination effort she left Miami and went to live in California.

Griselda’s cut-throat ascendancy in Miami was eventually reduced after the U.S. Government lastly intervened, and the drug war in Miami was lastly bought under control.

Arrested in she bed whilst analysis a scriptures in February 1985, Griselda Blanco to be sentenced to 15 years in prison for circulation of cocaine. Once she was turned end to the Miami justice Department, nine years later, it was to challenge three killing charges.

However, the case fell apart after ~ a vital witness to be discredited and also Blanco take it a plea deal. Griselda was sentenced come an extra 10 years behind bars. 

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After serving 19 year behind bars, Griselda to be released. Blanco is stated to have continued to run her drugs service whilst she remained in prison. She is also suspected to have concocted a plot come kidnap man F. Kennedy Jr. In return because that her very own release, from inside prison.

After she release, Blanco to be deported ago to Medellin, Colombia.

Griselda continued to be in the shadows until her murder in 2012 in ~ the age of 69. Gunned under in her local butcher’s shop whilst to buy $150 of meat, she passed away with a scriptures on her chest. The scriptures was placed there by she daughter-in-law who had been waiting in the car.

Blanco outlived all of her three youngsters from her first marriage. Each of the boys finished up in prison in the U.S., then murdered when they were deported ago to Colombia. 

Griselda Blanco’s critical son, Michael Corleone Blanco was under house arrest as soon as his mom died, having actually been arrested 4 months previously for cocaine trafficking. Michael maintains the his mommy had end up being a born-again Christian prior to she died.

Griselda had regulated to outlive numerous of her adversaries by the moment of her death.

She was estimated to have actually amassed $2 exchange rate dollars in wide range by the time she passed away in 2012. Griselda is blamed because that paving the way for drug smuggling paths to new York, Miami, and England indigenous Colombia. A problem that is still being addressed today.

Griselda Blanco – survivor or sociopath? What carry out you think? Share her comments below.

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