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Researchers have estimated that Glacier gives habitat for practically one thousand bears. This page presents an easy information necessary to for sure a safe visit because that both you and also the animals. For more detailed information, protect against by any type of visitor center or attend a ranger program.

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Bear Identification

Waterton-Glacier worldwide Peace Park is home to both black bears and grizzly bears. Size and/or shade are not reliable signs of species. Other physical features are much more helpful:

Black bears have a influential rump, a straight, dog-like muzzle, pointed ears, and dark claws.

Grizzly bears have a shoulder hump, dished face, rounded ears, and also long, light-colored claws.

Report any kind of bear or unusual animal sightings come the nearest ranger or warden immediately. Read much more about each species on the bears informational page.


Keeping a for sure Distance

Intentionally approaching, viewing, or engaging in any task within 100 yards (91 m) of bear or wolves is prohibited. Preserve 25 yards (23 m) from any type of other wildlife. If you’re causing the actions of the pet to change, you’re as well close. Usage binoculars or a telephoto lens to boost your view. Save the wildlife’s line of travel or escape course clear and move away if an animal approaches you.Never intentionally obtain close come a bear. Individual bears have actually their own an individual space requirements, which vary depending on their mood. Each will certainly react differently, and also their habits cannot be predicted. All bears space dangerous and also should it is in respected.

It’s exciting to check out bears up close, yet we must act responsibly to store them wild and also healthy. If you view a bear follow me the road, please execute not stop near it. If you wish to check out the bear, take trip at least 100 yards (91 m) and also pull end in a for sure location. Roadside bears quickly come to be habituated come traffic and people, raising their chances of being hit by vehicles. Habituated bear may also learn to regular campgrounds and picnic areas, wherein they might gain accessibility to person food. To defend human life and property, bears the seek person food should be removed from the park. Withstand the temptation come stop and also get close come roadside bears.

Hiking in be affected by each other Country

Make NoiseBears usually relocate out of the method if castle hear human being approaching. Bear bells space not adequate or effective. Phone call out and also clapping at consistent intervals are far better ways to do your presence known. Carry out your best never to surprise a bear.Hike in GroupsHiking in groups substantially decreases your chances of having a an adverse bear encounter. There have actually not been any type of reported attacks on groups of 4 or much more in Glacier. If she a solo hiker searching for company, inspect the Ranger-led Activity page for guided hikes.Don’t operation on TrailsJoggers and runners hazard surprising a bear on the trail. Trail running is strongly discouraged.Carry be affected by each other SprayBear spray is one inexpensive way to deter bear attacks and also has been displayed to it is in the most reliable deterrent. Be certain you know just how to use it and that you space carrying the in an easily accessible place. Check the Ranger-led Activity web page for summer demonstrations.Be aware of SurroundingsSome environmental conditions make it tough for bears to see, hear, or smell approaching hikers. Be particularly careful through streams, against the wind, or in dense vegetation. A blind corner or a rise in the trail additionally requires distinct attention. Look for scat and also tracks. Bears spend a the majority of time eating, so it is in extra alert when hiking in obvious feeding locations like berry patches, cow parsnip thickets, or areas of glacier lilies. Always keep kids close. Stop hiking an extremely early in the morning, really late in the day, or after dark.Secure Food and also GarbageNever leave food, garbage, or anything provided to prepare, consume, store, or move food unattended. This consists of your backpack or work pack. Secure every food and also odorous item safely and also pack out all garbage. Various other scented items include toiletries, feminine products, sunscreen, etc.

While in Camp

Glacier’s campgrounds and also developed locations can continue to be unattractive to bears if every visitor manages food and also trash properly. Complying with park regulation will help keep the “wild” in wildlife and ensure your safety as well.

Keep a clean camp. Never ever improperly keep or leave food unattended.All edible items, food containers (empty or not), cookware (clean or not), and also trash (including feminine restroom products) have to be stored in a car or designated food locker or hung as soon as not in use, both day and night.Do no throw any type of food or garbage right into pit toilets.Monitor her campsite for signs of bears and for careless campers nearby. Educate park employee of any kind of potential problems.
If you conference a bear inside the minimum recommended safe distance (100 yards; 91 m), you deserve to decrease your danger by following these guidelines:If a be affected by each other or other animal is relocating in her direction on a trail, acquire out that its method and let that pass.If you deserve to move away, carry out so. If relocating away shows up to agitate the bear, stop. In general, bears present agitation by swaying their heads, huffing, and also clacking your teeth. Lower head and also laid-back ears also indicate aggression. Bears may stand on their hind legs or method to gain a better view, yet these actions space not necessarily signs of aggression. The bear might not have figured out you together a person and also may be can not to smell or hear girlfriend from a distance. Assist the bear identify you as a familiar human.Talk quietly.Do not run! back away slowly. Protect against if it appears to agitate the bear.Use your peripheral vision. Bears may interpret direct eye call as threatening.Continue to move away as the instance allows.If a bear shows up intent on draw close you, her group, or your campsite in a non-defensive manner (not showing signs of agitation), gather your group together, do noise, and shot to discourage the bear from further approaching. Prepare to deploy your bear spray. If you room preparing or consuming food, certain it. Perform NOT allow THE BEAR acquire YOUR FOOD!If a bear approaches in a defensive manner (appears agitated and/or charges), stop. Carry out not run. Speak quietly to the bear. Prepare to deploy her bear spray. If contact appears imminent and also you execute not have actually bear spray, defend your chest and also abdomen through falling to the soil on her stomach, clasp your hands approximately the ago of your neck, and also leave your load on because that protection. If the be affected by each other attempts to roll you over, try to remain on her stomach. If the assault is defensive, the bear will leave when it establish you are not a threat. If the strike is prolonged, fight BACK!For more detailed information, clock our bear Safety

Bear Spray

This aerosol pepper spray temporarily incapacitates bears. The is an effective, non-toxic, and also non-lethal method of deterring wild bears. Under no circumstances should bear spray produce a false sense of security or offer as a substitute for practicing standard safety and security precautions.Bear spray is to plan to be sprayed right into the confront of one oncoming bear. factors influencing effectiveness include distance, wind, rain, temperature extremes, and product shelf life. That is not intended to act as a repellent. Execute not spray gear or her camp with bear spray. Pre-sprayed objects may instead lure bears.Be mindful that you might not have the ability to cross the US/Canada border with some brands of be affected by each other spray. Canadian custom-mades will enable USEPA-approved be affected by each other spray come cross. The be afflicted with spray cannister must have USEPA published on the label.

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Park Wildlife Biologist man Waller explains about bear behavior and also how to hike and travel more secure on the trails in Glacier nationwide Park. Learn why it"s no a great idea come walk quietly and how finest to reaction to a surprise encounter with one of the park"s largest and also most magnificent residents.