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A male in India reportedly referred to as off his wedding shortly before the ceremony was as result of take place because the bride"s family hadn"t prepared a food he wanted.

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To add insult come injury, the groom married another woman later on that an extremely day, the New Indian Express reported.

According to the newspaper, 27-year-old Ramakant Patra had actually arrived through a timeless wedding procession come marry a woman in Sukinda, a town in the Jajpur ar of Odisha, on Wednesday.

When he and also his household arrived, they were welcomed by the bride"s relatives and taken to have lunch before the wedding ceremony.

The groom"s wedding party had actually demanded mutton curry be component of the wedding feast, the newspaper reported.

So as soon as the dish was no prepared, one argument damaged out and also soon escalated. Patra then called off the wedding and could not be convinced to readjust his mind.

He and also his household went to a relative"s house in Sukinda, where they remained the rest of the day.

That night, the married an additional woman prior to returning house to Rebanapalaspal in the bordering Keonjhar district.


Newlywed bride and groom accompanied by a couple of family members in a wedding procession throughout Covid-19 restrictions, at Laxmi Nagar on may 22, 2021 in brand-new Delhi, India. Raj K Raj/Hindustan times via Getty ImagesThe incident isn"t the first time a wedding has been dubbed off in India in ~ the last minute.

Also this week, a bride in the state that Uttar Pradesh reportedly refused to go v with a wedding after learning the groom had bad eyesight.

The nuptials were reportedly arranged by the households of the pair, i m sorry is common on the Indian subcontinent.

According come a report, the bride and also her family became suspicious once they noticed the groom, called Shivam, to be wearing glasses top top the job of the wedding.

They decided to test him by questioning him to check out a newspaper there is no wearing his glasses and also when it ended up being clear the relied on them, the bride"s family referred to as the wedding off.

Earlier this month, another woman in Uttar Pradesh called off she wedding after the groom and his friends arrived drunk at the wedding venue.

The bride and also the household reportedly originally ignored their inebriated state, but when the guy tried to pressure the bride come dance with him on phase prior to exchanging vows, she refused.

He supposedly then led to a scene, prompting the bride to walk out and call the wedding off.

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And earlier this month, a groom was so to crawl to get married the he didn"t let his bride collapsing and dying in ~ the altar stop him from gaining hitched. Later that day, he asked her parents if he could wed her younger sister—and they agreed.