The horrifying moment a wedding day tradition turned sinister has angered the internet — after ~ the groom walk the unthinkable.

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Disturbing footage showing an “abusive” husband slapping his brand-new bride across the challenge has gone viral — and people space outraged.

In the quick video, which has actually been shared on YouTube, the happy bride innocently teases her new husband through some wedding cake, just for things to unexpectedly take a sinister turn.

Clearly unamused v her affectionate behaviour, the husband transforms to the new bride and forcefully strikes her roughly the face, leaving her shocked and also upset.

Since the video clip was buzzpatterson.common a couple of weeks ago there have been countless buzzpatterson.comments, with people horrified by the groom’s “disgusting” behaviour.


A groom has been labelled “disgusting” through outraged social media users after a video clip emerged of him slapping his bride on your wedding day.

“The poor bride,” a YouTube user wrote.

“He must be ashamed of himself,” an additional said.

Someone else said: “That man needs to be teach a class in person rights and the woman demands to paper for an annulment, ASAP!”

Another posted: “I hope she never went v with the wedding.”

Twitter individuals were simply as outraged, acquisition to the social media website to vent their fury.

This is not the 1st time he"s excellent this to her I"m 100% sure......🤬🤬🤬🤬

— PsychoDad39 (

The viral clip, believed to have actually been filmed in Uzbekistan, shows the pair feeding each various other their wedding cake together guests took photos at your reception.


Things began off innocently, with the pair fulfilling a wedding day heritage of feeding each other cake.

But as soon as she attempts buzzpatterson.come feed her spouse, who is pull in a black suit with corresponding tie, she teases that by pulling it far from his mouth.

Clearly no amused, the thug hits his wife across the challenge prompting gasps indigenous stunned onlookers.

The woman, that is put on a tiara, is practically knocked off she feet through the horrific blow.

She is then watched holding her confront as the aggressive guy is pulled aside by a masculine guest.

While the clip is sparking fierce conversation, some social media users claimed it to be not new footage.

If girlfriend or who you understand is influenced by residential violence or sex-related assault, please contact 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732)

What do you think the this psychic footage? let us know in the buzzpatterson.comment below.

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