A TikTok video clip of a groom wrecking the totality wedding cake in his bride's face causes controversy.

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Not everybody has actually the same sense of humour – yet one wedding couple’s now viral TikTok video really does take it the cake – literally…

It every innocently beginning off v the beautiful bride playfully smearing cake top top her new hubby’s face.

However, that the groom’s excessive reaction that has actually thousands of outraged world describing his act as a “red flag”.

As the bride measures to the side, her buzzpatterson.companion then take away their whole three-tier wedding cake v both hands and also slams the whole thing into the ideal side of she face.

The groom was so aggressive that she stumble towards a nearby chair.

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The beautiful bride playfully smeared cake top top her brand-new hubby’s face. Source: TikTok/kelsboyd3

Groom smashes entirety cake in bride"https://buzzpatterson.buzzpatterson.com/groom-throws-wedding-cake-at-bride/imager_2_236_700.jpgs face

The reportedly bemused bride had the adhering to hashtags in her caption: #cakesmash #nobodygotcake #smash #cakesmashchallenge.

“That’s not only aggressive but so embarrassing??? If he is buzzpatterson.comfortable doing the in former of all her friends and also fam … scar,” one human being wrote.

“Oh hell no!!!! major red flag,” a second person said, while a third added: “You have the right to literally watch his mood change to anger and he threw that cake, leave him sis.”

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The groom then grabs the whole three-tier wedding cake through both hands and also slams it into her face. Source: TikTok/kelsboyd3

Bride defends groom smashing totality cake in her face

However, the newly-married woman protected her masculine over-the-top actions.

“This is us and also it to be funny to everyone,” she wrote about the video that has actually been viewed by more than 3 million people.

“I’m sorry the you have a various sense the humour.”

She also added that she “wasn’t embarrassed” through the controversial footage.

But she seemed pertained to enough to article another video of a montage that loved-up happy snaps of the pair in an effort to prove her point.

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People room calling the groom"https://buzzpatterson.buzzpatterson.com/groom-throws-wedding-cake-at-bride/imager_2_236_700.jpgs action a "https://buzzpatterson.buzzpatterson.com/groom-throws-wedding-cake-at-bride/imager_2_236_700.jpgred flag"https://buzzpatterson.buzzpatterson.com/groom-throws-wedding-cake-at-bride/imager_2_236_700.jpg and telling the bride to document for divorce. Source: TikTok/kelsboyd3

Some TikToker"https://buzzpatterson.buzzpatterson.com/groom-throws-wedding-cake-at-bride/imager_2_236_700.jpgs defend groom"https://buzzpatterson.buzzpatterson.com/groom-throws-wedding-cake-at-bride/imager_2_236_700.jpgs cake smashing

Not everyone was disgusted by the video with some backing increase the bride for taking it every in she stride.

“They both found it funny … it’s none of anyone else’s business,” one tiktok user wrote.

“As long as you’re happy, it is what matters,” another agreed.

However, her montage motive didn’t work for most world who were advising the bride to finish the marriage.

“Girl we think you love him. It’s the other means around for us. This is scary due to the fact that that’s no love. No matter how countless ‘couple photos’ friend post,” one human being said.

“Divorce on the next level,” one said.

“Run buzzpatterson.come the divorce court now…Run, girl, run,” i agree another.

“If you have the totality internet worried … there’s more than likely a factor for it. People aren’t hating, we space genuinely concerned,” echoed another.

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Others TikTokers call bride to get a divorce

One woman said that she and also her husband additionally “smashed cake” on each other’s confront at their wedding, but quickly discussed that this was different.

“But the means his challenge looks angry and he throws the entirety cake … yeah, no,” she said

“This is exceptionally sad. It’s not a prank, was disrespectful and also kind of embarrassing because that you also if you don’t see that.”

The couple have because updated their tik profile saying, “A CAKE never ever hurt everyone