Groundhog Day(1993)
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Label:Epic SoundtraxLabel number:EK 53760
Running time:44m24sShipping date:March 9th, 1993
Original score by George FentonProduct availabilityClick Groundhog day soundtrack CD for much more info native The MovieMusic Store.

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Album Tracklist
1.Weatherman - Delbert McClinton<4:17>
3.I gained You Babe - Sonny & Cher<3:11>
4.Quartet No. 1 in D - The Groundhog<2:07>
5.Take Me round Again - Susie Stevens<3:05>
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:What is the track that invoice Murray wakes as much as each morning?(from Tim Rogersin Dallas TX)
A:Sonny & Cher"s "I got You Babe." (thanks come Pucksy,PA)add more info
Q:During the step in the middle of the film whereby Phil decides come start discovering piano there is a classical piece play in the background. The is no the Rachmaninov piece. That is something else and also a an extremely popular one. Carry out you recognize what the surname of that is? (from n/ain Canada )
A:Yes. It"s Mozart. Piano Sonata no. 15 in C Major. (thanks to Enrique,Ciudad Real, Spain)add an ext info
Q:Who wrote Phil"s jazzy piano solo? Thanks.(from johnin coshocton ohio usa)
A:Terry Fryer (thanks come JP,UK)add more info
Q:What is the music playing each time Phil come to the park whereby the groundhog is?(from Davidin Ireland)
A:Pennsylvania Polka (thanks to bumbi07,Pecs, Hungary)add more info
Q:I really desire to know how to gain that jazzy piano solo the Phil plays. It"s not on the soundtrack, and it"s great. You stated Terry Fryer as the composer, however who plays it and also how execute I gain it? (from Markin PA)
A:Phil"s solo is on the soundtrack - it is track No. 15. "Phil"s Piano Solo" <1:48> carry out by terrycloth Fryer. (thanks to Mobius1,UK)add much more info
A:That does not answer his question! the wasn"t introduce to that piece, he is referring to the track he is play directly before that one, i m sorry is much more upbeat. The track played as Andie McDowell walks top top the dance floor and is immediately so impressed. I have been wonder the same and also cannot find the answer. I appreciate the effort though :-) (thanks come USmarine13,Glendale, AZ USA)add an ext info
Q:What other songs room heard in this movie however are no on the soundtrack album?...from stephenin boston, ma (answer stephen"s question)
Q:What is the piano/orchestra tune playing in the background as soon as Phil and also Rita buy a drink at the hotel and drink to people peace?...from sergein portland(answer serge"s question)
Q:My dream is to play Phil"s jazz solo. Walk anybody have actually notes? Is there any kind of tutorial? Is over there any method to discover it?...from mikein poland(answer mike"s question)
Q:Is "Deep in the heart of Texas" in this movie?...from Derekin Boston(answer Derek"s question)
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