Forover three decades, ALG has actually been known for its distinctive sensitivity come the handicap of persons v intellectual and also developmental disabilities in the capital District. Knows was founded with a meeting to offer a community rich in diversity and also to partner with individuals and families from every backgrounds to ensure quality lives and to produce meaningful opportunities for independence.

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Transitional Apartments

The alternate Living Group, Inc. Supplies a devoted Transitiontal Apartments regimen to assist an individual v a developmental special needs in discovering important an abilities towards independence. This routine is a specialized 2-year regime which begins with 24-hour supervision and supports v the focus and also intent in occurring the individual"s an abilities towards independence. At the finish of the 2-year program, the separation, personal, instance will relocate from our Transitional Apartments into the least restricitve setting that meets their needs.


looked after IRAs

The alternative Living Group, Inc. Offers a selection of residential living opportunities throughout Schenectady and Albany counties for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our managed IRAs administer 24-hour supports to all individuals who reside there. Every our dwellings are located in residential communities. Our supervised IRA houses are small in size, averaging in between 3-6 residents, and in most situation each individual as their very own bedroom. Staff provide a Person-Centered environment where individuals are proactively engaged in the decision making procedure of your home, health, ar involvement, and also relationships. The Alternattive living Group, Inc. Right now operates 14 managed IRAs.



The alternative Living Group, Inc. Offers after-School Respite services to individuals currently residing in Schenectady and Albany Counties, the after-school Respite service is a Medicaid sponsor program offered through new York says Office for civilization with Developmental Disabilities.


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space Program

The alternate Living Group, Inc. Right now provides gap services to people residing in the funding Region. Gap is a Medicaid sponsor program available through new York State’s Office for civilization with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) Home and also Community Based services Waiver.


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