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Spoiler alert: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s five post-credits scenes will certainly be discussed here. Numerous of the scenes straight refer to significant plot point out in the movie. You re welcome skip if girlfriend don’t desire to be spoiled.

There space as many credits scenes attached come Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 together there room actual Guardians of the Galaxy.

All in all, there are five extra scenes that play after ~ the movie, v some far much more tantalizing — and also some more esoteric — than the others.

Mid- and post-credits scenes have come to be a Marvel tradition, something pan look forward to every time the company releases a brand-new film. Sometimes they contain vast reveals the hint at future movies (see: black Panther at the finish of Captain America: civil War). Various other times, they offer as little winks from Marvel come its biggest fans and also call ago to the company"s background (see: Howard the Duck at the end of the very first Guardians that the Galaxy). They"re fun. They have the right to be exciting. And also if we"re lucky, they give us something to chew on till Marvel’s next large release.

Here"s what happens in Guardians 2’s 5 credits scenes and their meaning to the Guardians’ and Marvel’s future stories.

1) Kraglin methods with Yondu’s arrow

At the end of Guardians 2, Yondu (Michael Rooker) sacrifices self to conserve Star-Lord’s (Chris Pratt) life. It’s the movie’s many heartbreaking scene, in that it yes, really epitomizes the movie’s themes the family and also fatherhood. But Yondu wasn’t just a father number to Star-Lord, he was also one come Kraglin (Sean Gunn), his faithful crew member. And also in among Guardians 2’s last scenes, Star-Lord gives him Yondu’s arrow.

The film’s very first credits step — which technically plays between the finish of the movie and the very start that the credits — complies with up ~ above that. We see Kraglin trying to understand Yondu’s arrowhead of death. He’s no very good at operation the weapon, and also has trouble wrangling manage of it. Finally, simply when you think he’s obtaining the hang of the thing, he it s okay it to paris … straight into Drax’s (Dave Bautista) neck, leaving the Destroyer screaming in pain. It’s not really a seismic, ooh-inducing scene, and also it’s not choose Kraglin’s bad whistling arrow skills shift the Marvel universe, yet it is quite funny.

2) Stakar reunites his very own Guardians the the Galaxy

Marvel The 2nd credits step is a Marvel deep cut.

Stakar Ogord (Sylvester Stallone) tells his fellow Ravagers the Yondu’s fatality taught that life is too quick to host onto grudges and baggage, and that they have to put differences aside and also reunite because that old times’ sake. The collection of Ravagers he’s talk to only makes sense if you’re familiar with the 1975 Guardians the the Galaxy team native the comic books, which varies slightly indigenous the initial 1969 team.

Stakar is speaking to a group of personalities who space all either component of the 1975 roster or who room important characters to the Guardians universe.

The 1975 characters first appear in Giant dimension Defenders no. 5 created by Roy Thomas and also drawn by Gene Colan; the group includes Yondu, Martinex (the crystalline character play by Michael Rosenbaum in the movie and the credits scene), and Charlie-27 (Ving Rhames). Stakar and also Aleta Ogord (played through Michelle Yeoh in the credits scene) debut in later on comic books.

Stakar a.k.a. Starhawk. Marvel Stakar is also speaking come a red creature called Krugarr and also to Mainframe (voiced by Miley Cyrus), that are major characters the the Guardians comic book universe. With how crowded the Marvel universe is, it would be a shock to see Stakar’s team get major screen time heading right into 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, yet seeing castle onscreen again would certainly be a treat because that fans that the comic book.

3) Marvel clues that Adam Warlock will appear

At the end of Guardians 2, Ayesha (Elizabeth Debicki) and also the Sovereign have been humiliated and also defeated. They’re claimed to it is in perfect, specific beings who always follow with on their purpose. Their loss come the Guardians is not just embarrassing, it additionally makes them question whether they’re as infallible together they think lock are.

In the movie’s 3rd credits scene, Ayesha tells among her handmaidens that she’s identified a method to do a much more perfect being than herself. She calls the “Adam,” together the camera pans end to one of the Sovereign’s birthing pods.

Comic publication fans will certainly be the first to phone call you that the “Adam” she describes is Adam Warlock, a character who lives in Marvel’s cosmic universe. Warlock’s comic publication origin story is slightly various than this cinematic tease, together he’s produced by researchers on earth, rebels against them, travels right into space, and obtains the heart Gem, one of the Infinity jewel (called “Infinity Stones” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Infinity Gauntlet no. 2. Marvel In the comic books, Warlock is one of Thanos’s adversaries. What provides this credit scene such an “omg” moment for comic book fans is the Warlock plays a huge role in the battle against Thanos in the comic book event recognized as The Infinity Gauntlet. In that series, Thanos assembles all the Infinity Gems and threatens to ruin the universe, and The Infinity Gauntlet is basically comic book source material for Avengers: Infinity War component I and Part II.

Before Warlock fans gain their hopes up, it’s crucial to note that Guardians manager James Gunn has actually said that Warlock no in Infinity War. However, he’s promised that Warlock will at some point be a major part the Marvel’s cinematic cosmic universe.

4) Groot will most likely be a teenager the next time we view the character in a Marvel movie

At the end of the an initial Guardians movie, in which Groot died and was replanted together a sapling, we gained a infant Groot credits scene which featured the small twig dancing. Then, Guardians 2 gifted us with several screentime for the cuteness that is infant Groot.

In Guardians 2’s fourth credits scene, we watch Star-Lord do the efforts to discipline an adolescent Groot that utters the character’s “I am Groot” catchphrase in the ton of a snarly, uncomfortable teen. Star-Lord is mad at Groot for making a mess, however Groot is liven playing video games and also ignores him.

If heritage holds, this credits step with teenager Groot suggests that Groot will certainly be a teen for the character’s following movie appearance, just like the infant Groot credits scene after the first Guardians movie teased baby Groot’s figure in Guardians 2. The only drawback is the while teenager Groot has actually the potential to be funnier, there’s no means it’ll be cuter than Baby Groot.

5) The post-credits scene could explain all of Stan Lee’s cameos

Marvel Guardians 2’s final credits scene features comic book legend and former Marvel president Stan Lee in one astronaut outfit talk to a bunch that weird-looking bald-headed dudes through capes — it in reality builds off his cameo in the movie (which takes place during Rocket and Yondu’s jump to Ego). He’s regaling them through stories, yet they begin to walk away. The yells the they to be his ride house — wherever that may be — and also tells them he has more stories come tell prior to the step fades to black.

This final scene offered me melancholy vibes considering Lee’s period (he’s right now 94) and that he’s starting to retire indigenous the comic convention circuit (his 2016 illustration at new York Comic Con significant his last appearance at the event). The article of the step is clear: The grandfather of Marvel comics still has actually stories to tell in spite of his time to run out.

In Marvel’s comic books, the monster dudes that Lee is regaling room a component of one entity known as the Watchers, the most well known of i beg your pardon is Uatu. The Watchers space spread out all roughly the universe, and also exist to watch civilizations and also life progress. Castle see and also record everything, yet they aren’t permitted to interfere.

Uatu is especially far-ranging to the Marvel universe, since Uatu is the Watcher that observes Earth and also Earth’s solar system, and though he is bound through the Watcher credo of never interfering, that has damaged those rule in the past and also even faced punishment because that doing so.

What’s kind of fascinating about this final Guardians 2 credits scene is the Lee is telling the Watchers stories, and it’s implied that those tales are from his plenty of different Marvel movie cameos, definition that he’s the same male in every those different films. That he’s informing the Watchers what he’s observed can signal that he can be also one of them — and also that every along, he’s to be observing the Marvel world that he’s to be tasked to aid care for.

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That would certainly be a perfect way to psychic Lee’s vast and unmatched comic legacy.