Has Guardians the The Galaxy 3 to be cancelled? (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

Guardians the The Galaxy volume three was postponed indefinitely buzzpatterson.commplying with James Gunn’s sacking.

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And the looks prefer it might have to be scrapped all together, ~ Hollywood Reporter claimed a Marvel movie has totally vanished from Disney’s schedule.

The publishing reported that a film, buzzpatterson.comllection to be released 31 July 2020, has actually been ‘undated’ ~ above the Disney relax slate.

Marvel have kept their production on the under low, and have only buzzpatterson.comnfirmed Spider-Man: far From home will be released after Avengers 4.

With the filming watch going so well for the movie, that unlikely that the mystery film would be the following Spider-Man hit.

It to be reported that the movie had actually been placed on host indefinitely (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

The other production that was in the making was Guardians that The Galaxy three, definition it’s most most likely this that has actually been scrapped indigenous the schedule.

Earlier this year it to be reported the the movie had actually been put on hold, v crew members being dismissed and told to look for other job-related while the show unbuzzpatterson.comvered a brand-new director.

It was declared at the moment that this to be a short-lived postponement after castle were set to start filming this winter, through James Gunn taking full reign.

However, Gunn was let go by Disney as soon as a string of tweets, i m sorry were released over a te ago, resurfaced reflecting the 52-year-old joking about rape.

Since then, stars of the movie have rallied up support to shot and obtain Gunn ago on the team.

But now a Marvel film has actually been ‘undated’ on the Disney relax slate (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

Christ Pratt, that plays Star-Lord in the movie, declared he want to view Gunn reinstated as director because that the third film.

Fellow actor Dave Bautista also showed his assistance as he threatened to quit the present if Gunn’s script isn’t used.

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The pair took part in signing a letter v other cast members, providing fans hope the Gunn might return.

It read: ‘We fully support James Gunn. We were all shocked by his abrupt firing critical week and have purposely waited these 10 days buzzpatterson.comme respond….We are not right here to protect his hoax of numerous years ago.’

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