Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is a brand-new ride comes to Epcot in 2022 (hopefully) or 2023 (hopefully not). This write-up covering the ride has actually two sections. First, we start with a section about the basics that the ride—what, when, and where. Then we follow up v some pre-opening thoughts on what to expect when you shot and drive it when it opens.

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This write-up will exist in some type through the at an early stage days the the drive to carry out tips for gaining on that one it opens. Read on to learn all about Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind!


We intend to be in Walt Disney civilization Resort for or soon after the ride’s debut. Monitor our instagram story come see just how our experience goes.

Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Basics

We’ll start with some an easy information about the ride.

When does Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind open?

We currently expect Guardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind to open up at Epcot in 2022, hope as component of Disney world 50th Anniversary Celebrations, which expand from October 2021 v March 2023. There are a few reasons we think 2022, an especially the second half of the year, currently makes sense.

First, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, another new ride coming to Epcot, is opened on October 1, 2021, delay from 2020. Remy’s has actually been rumored to it is in ready to open as early on as the begin of 2021. The Disney deliberately delayed the opening says other rides will certainly come further down the road.

This is no doubt component of an initiative to use these new rides as a method to an increase crowds. With the parks currently hitting their decreased capacities a few times during early 2021, debuting a new ride no make much sense. Now, we suppose them to usage Remy, then TRON, and then Guardians to produce surges in crowds.

With 2021 out of the picture, 2022 becomes the focus. Our thinking is the a TRON release earlier in 2022 paves the means for a Guardians release in later on 2022. This assumes that, as points were pre-closure, TRON building is more along 보다 Guardians construction.

Our expect is that Guardians the the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind is open by October 1, 2022, the start of the last calendar quarter of 2022. This assumes TRON opens earlier in the summer to an increase crowds for that season. That said, if i was wait on Guardians to setup a visit, I’d be looking in ~ February 2023, the 17th month the the 18-month-long 50th Anniversary celebration, together a time to visit.

In any kind of case, the good news is that Disney has declared repeatedly the they continue to occupational on the ride. When there have been a lot of cuts recently, the Guardians coaster comes to Epcot i will not ~ be one of them.

For now, we’re expecting a 2022 opening. Girlfriend might also check out our Walt Disney civilization Construction and also Refurbishment Calendar because that a look at at various other happenings roughly the resort.

What type of drive is Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind?

The new Guardians ride will be a roller coaster, and also not just any type of roller coaster. One of the huge features the the journey is a distinct ride vehicle that enables for 360-degree motion and reverse launches. Disney showed off the car just ~ D23 2019, and you have the right to see the automobile in this parks blog video here:

Is this ride all over else?

No! This is a brand new ride. Unlike TRON (coming come Magic Kingdom) and also Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (also comes to Epcot), this journey is no a duplicate that a Disney drive in another park. There is one more Guardians the the Galaxy Ride—Guardians of the Galaxy—Mission: BREAKOUT! in Disney California Adventure, yet that journey is not a coaster, that a autumn ride (built on the old Tower the Terror).

Where will certainly the brand-new Guardians coaster be?

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will certainly be situated in Future human being at Epcot, on the website of the old cosmos of energy Pavilion. This is ~ above the side that has Test Track and also Mission: SPACE, no the next that has actually Soarin’, Journey into Imagination, and also The Seas through Nemo and Friends.

Will It have actually a height Requirement?

Given that it’s a coaster, we certainly expect a height requirement. Disney hasn’t released any kind of details yet, but you might expect it to be in the ballpark the the other intense Disney human being coasters—usually 44 to 48 inches. That said, those vehicles look at pretty non-traditional, and also vehicle design is a huge park of elevation requirements, for this reason it’s feasible the requirement might depart from that window.

Riding Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

This is a way-too-early section where we’re going to define where ours head is in ~ heading up to the Cosmic Rewind opening. As we get an ext details around the ride, this ar will become much more complete, and also eventually that will more than likely be the most important part of the post.

Will Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind it is in on FastPass+? will it have a digital Queue?

Right currently it’s a finish guess even if it is the ride will debut on FastPass+ or with a online queue (like rise of the Resistance). There room so many factors that enter this—not just drive demand—that we’ll hold off on make a prediction one method or another until Disney provides an announcement.

If it’s on FastPass+, it will be the top choice at Epcot for anyone who meets the height requirement. Epcot’s current ride lineup doesn’t have large demand, and also while we intend Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure to get some attention, us don’t think it will contend with a brand brand-new thrill ride.

Epcot Rope Drop and also Its two Entrances

The other huge unknown is even if it is Epcot will readjust its rope fall procedures prior to Guardians opens. “Rope drop” refers to the procedures the park provides at the start of the day to queue guests because that rides. Lock don’t simply open the gates at opened time and have human being run wherever.

Currently (pre-Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure), Epcot offers two gateways with two separate rope fall points in the morning.

Guests beginning via the Boardwalk / Skyliner enntrance gate are hosted in the UK Pavilion. Guests entering via the key / Future people entrance are held near Spaceship Earth. These teams are allowed to head to rides at around the same time, which create pros and cons because that both groups depending upon which rides lock heading to.

As the stands, guest entering via the Boardwalk / Skyliner entrance would have no shot in ~ a short wait top top Guardians due to the fact that the main entrance folks would quickly beat them there. Disney has a couple of options to fix this.

They might operate buses indigenous the resorts utilizing the Boardwalk / Skyliner entrance to the main entrance, allowing those guests both options. Or they might just a corridor the the park from from Future people into the civilization Showcase, up to France (Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure) and also Norway (Frozen ever before After).

The last option seems most likely, together it accords with how the other parks operate. Depending upon crowd levels on a offered day, the various other three parks every open an are in the heart of the park, v guests group at various points heading to certain lands / rides.

In any kind of case, once the ride opens we’ll be over there (either for the debut or soon after, because the first couple of days room weird anyways), and we look front to helping you gain on this new ride!

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