Guardians of The Galaxy Disney civilization Ride Will open In 2022 The Disney Parks Blog discover Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Marvel"s latest Disney people attraction, will open in the EPCOT park in 2022.

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Disney Parks Blog has announced in a new post the the long-awaited Guardians of the Galaxy-themed ride, Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, will open up in the EPCOT park in ~ the Walt Disney people Resort in 2022. The journey is the second Disney Parks attraction themed around Marvel"s space-faring team the heroes adhering to Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission Breakout! at the Disneyland resort in California. The drive shall start as part of Walt Disney world Resort"s 50th anniversary in 2022.

Across recent years, Disney Parks has expanded on what attractions they have the right to offer parkgoers, branching beyond rides and also experiences themed around Disney"s standard films and also creating attractions based upon the company"s more recent acquisitions. This have the right to be seen v the opened of the Star Wars-themed Galaxy"s edge parks, come the freshly opened Avengers Campus park in ~ the Disneyland will in Anaheim, California. Now, Marvel will certainly make that is park attraction debut at Walt Disney people Resort, with a drive centered approximately the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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As revealed by the Disney Parks BlogGuardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will open up at the EPCOT park in 2022 as component of Walt Disney civilization Resort"s 18-month spanning 50th-anniversary celebrations. The drive will open as part of a wonders of Xandar pavilion, i m sorry will show off the society and modern technologies of the homeworld of the Nova Corps featured in 2014"s Guardians the the Galaxy. The ride will take parkgoers on an adventure with the Guardians in the type of an enclosed, reverse-launch roller coaster, promise to bring new technologies to the popular kind of ride. Disney Parks shared a short description the the ride, which have the right to be review below:

"Guardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is a family-friendly adventure, featuring a totally new type of roller coaster suffer we’re occurring just for this attraction – the a storycoaster that rotates 360 degrees so you’re constantly focused on every the activity as you assist the Guardians conserve the galaxy. Not only that, but Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will likewise feature the very first reverse launch on a coaster in Disney history and is among the longest attached coasters in the world. The a massive experience the will complement the scale and also adventure the the Guardians of the Galaxy films."

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is Disney Parks" 2nd attraction based on the MCU"s team of cosmic heroes. Opening alongside Guardians that the Galaxy Vol.2"s release, Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission Breakout! replaced the Tower the Terror previously themed approximately The Twilight Zone in 2017. Mission Breakout! watch Disneyland will guests help Rocket Raccoon rest the rest of the Guardian"s out of the Collector"s huge collection of alien artifacts and fauna. The drive featured many nods to various other MCU films, such together Dark Elve masks from Thor: The Dark World, and also broken Ultron drones indigenous Avengers: age of Ultron.

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Due to previously established agreements through the adjacent Universal Studios template park in Orlando, Disney is can not to lug a complete Avengers Campus-like park to your Florida park. Despite this, with James Gunn return to create footage for the ride, Cosmic Rewind promises to finally bring the Marvel Cinematic cosmos to Walt Disney human being Resort. The decision to combine the Guardians the the Galaxy ride into EPCOT likewise fits with the park"s very own theming, with the parks" original ide being a showcase that the world"s technology and human achievement through that is pavilions. Creating a brand-new Marvel-themed pavilion allows the human beings of the MCU to fit in ~ the concept, happen the worlds of Guardians that the Galaxy to life in a natural and consistent way.


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