Guardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is a Marvel-themed roller coaster under construction at Epcot. This attraction will certainly be the first of its sort at Walt Disney World, and also is among the biggest additions during the 50th Anniversary. This covers everything you need to know about the ride: when it’s most likely to open, delays, principle art, and also more. (Updated October 25, 2021.)

The saga of a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction in ~ Walt Disney civilization dates back many years, well before its main announcement. First, there to be rumors that it would replace the Twilight Zone design template of the top Tower of Terror attraction in ~ Disney’s Hollywood Studios. That didn’t involved fruition in Florida, however it did in California with Guardians the the Galaxy – Mission Breakout (an attraction the is, frankly, better than it has any right come be).

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Then there to be rumors the the Guardians that the Galaxy attraction would change the surrounding Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith (an overlay that in reality would’ve make a ton of sense). That never acquired much traction, and seemed come fizzle out pretty quickly. Finally, rumors cleared up on the Marvel misfits instead of the dinosaurs of world of Energy. The rumor ended up being confirmed two D23 Expos ago, with the expose of a roller coaster based on Guardians that the Galaxy…

At the time, specifics were sparse. Disney just released some ide art and also revealed that Epcot’s next brand-new E-ticket attraction will be based upon the rockin’ and also action-packed world of Guardians the the Galaxy and is the following step in just how guests have the right to encounter these personalities at the Walt Disney civilization Resort.

Among EPCOT center purists, the was already a controversial decision, yet one specific line in the notice was favor salt in the wound: “Epcot just may it is in the perfect location for a Guardians-inspired attraction – Peter Quill (aka Star Lord) actually visited Epcot as a kid!


For consistent readers, it’s no an enig that I’m an EPCOT center purist. I’m cynical of Guardians the the Galaxy fitting with the mission statement and goals the Epcot, but I have welcomed the truth of what the future holds because that the park. Hopefully, this attraction is shoehorned in via the queue and also pre-show.

Regardless, this is one info write-up aimed at addressing typically asked questions about Guardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, not an additional chance for me come rehash mine Epcot edutainment editorial. (If girlfriend care, my think on the attraction room here–they’re pretty much unchanged because the drive was an initial rumored.)

Since the initial announcement, Walt Disney world has gradually revealed much more and an ext about Guardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Here’s every little thing else us know, together with recent construction photos and also all concept art released to date…


Construction has now progressed to the inner of the main attraction building, which is the previous Universe of power attraction building. As the exterior nears completion and solar panels space reinstalled top top the roof, a bypass path now routes guest from the former of Epcot previous Guardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

This building is quite large–the vault attraction to be 45 minute long, however this building will just be home to the queue, pre-show, load/unload, and also opening scene of Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.


In enhancement to this key entrance and also exit, over there is a large gravity structure located backstage close to Epcot’s parking lot. The set-up below is comparable to the of absent ‘n’ Roller Coaster over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which also launches into a concealed gravity or display building.

The main difference here is the this towering show structure for the main roller coaster segment of the attraction is clearly shows throughout Epcot. Regardless of being painted shades that “blend-in blue” and also “go-away green,” it competes through Spaceship planet for attention.


Walt Disney human being has repeatedly referred to Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind as the very first other-world showcase pavilion at Epcot. When releasing brand-new details about the three new neighborhoods replacing Future World, Disney shed much more light on just how this pavilion will certainly fit into the park.

To that point, the former Universe of energy Pavilion is now the marvels of Xandar Pavilion, which will certainly be pertained to Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. The marvels of Xandar Pavilion will certainly be situated in the world Discovery ar of Epcot. This area will showcase science, technology, and also intergalactic adventure. Other offerings in the world Discovery area that Epcot will include the beat Pavilion, room 220 Restaurant, Mission Space, and also Test Track.


As because that Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, the adventure beginning in the “Galaxarium,” a planetarium-like exhibition that explores the similarities and also mysteries of the development of earth galaxy and also Xandar.

The conceit is that the Nova Corps have arrived on planet (that’s a Star Blaster parked the end front) and are inviting guest to learn more about the prizes Xandar needs to share. The premise is likely to be the the main structure houses a scientific research museum type exhibition.


In the teaser video for the attraction in Epcot Experience, a recorded video of a Xandarian welcomes earthlings come the installation prior to being interrupted by Rocket Raccoon because that being boring. (When the feeding is restored, we hear the Xandarian say, “…and now you know the secret of the universe.”)

The expectation is that the actual attraction will play out follow me these lines, v the pre-show entailing an edutainment component that pays homage to the original message that EPCOT Center. That will likely be interrupted as soon as the Guardians of the Galaxy arrive, culminating in the huge Bang, and an adventure across the cosmos ensuing.


Walt Disney world is touting Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind as a “storytelling coaster,” i beg your pardon is to say it’s a roller coaster with show scenes. Disney has actually indicated the it’s a family-friendly attraction–but it’ll tho probably have actually a elevation requirement.

Walt Disney Imagineering is call this an OmniCoaster journey system, and also it’s a collaboration in between WDI and also Vekoma, a Netherlands-based roller coaster manufacturer. Cosmic Rewind’s vehicles will have the ability to rotate 360 degrees and also do a turning back launch–a an initial for Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney Imagineering has actually released the above new video that the the OmniCoaster ride device (presumably on Vekoma’s check track in the Netherlands, and not on-site in ~ Walt Disney civilization or even in Glendale, California).

Next, the elephant in the room: Epcot’s closure, reopening, and also the subsequent delays of numerous projects all approximately Walt Disney World. Much more specifically, just how will that influence progress ~ above Guardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind? when will the open?


For years, Disney proclaimed that Guardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind would open “in time because that the 50th anniversary the Walt Disney people Resort in 2021.” However, that has actually not been the case since the closure/reopening.

Walt Disney civilization did no offer any kind of official statements around the opened timeline because that Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind because that over a year after Epcot closed and reopened. Fortunately, that all adjusted during Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Showcase.


During that, Imagineering announced the Guardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind would open in 2022. Unfortunately, no certain date–or also a month or season–was given, yet this is nonetheless an excellent news. Previously, we questioned whether Cosmic Rewind would certainly slip right into 2023, and also thankfully, that is no the case.

That’s no the only great news. Likewise in October 2021, Guardians the the Galaxy manager James Gunn revealed the Cosmic Rewind has started shooting. This shouldn’t take too long (and might currently be finished!), but it was one of the other holdups because that Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. That need to no longer be the case, either.


With the said, there is still building and construction work that continues to be to it is in done.

There’s work in the courtyard and also around the facade that the structure that will home the queue, pre-show, load/unload, and opening action of Guardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Besides what’s visible approximately the courtyard and facade, it’s unclear how much the the portion of the an initial half the the attraction is finished. Current permits suggest there’s tho at least some work to be done.


As because that the gravity building, I had a possibility to check out inside during the World’s most Magical celebration event media event. My key impression is that it’s huge. Hardly a bombshell revelation, as the colossal building is clearly shows from throughout World Showcase Lagoon and also has to be one suggest of contention around the attraction.

Beyond the dimension of the space, yes sir a many OmniCoaster track weaving with that colossal area. For me, the quantity of track to be the most reassuring element of the visit–it’s an overwhelming to judge from the ground, but it looks prefer the ride duration must be relatively satisfying.


There are additionally several tunnels, screens along the perimeter of the upper level that the track, a jump point, and even a huge moon or earth that the OmniCoaster vehicles circle. That going to it is in a really obscure comparison, however the whole thing reminded me of a an extremely amped-up variation of an are Fantasy – The journey (that’s really high praise). Picture weren’t enabled inside, so you’ll just need to take my word for every one of that.

One thing that’s noteworthy is that us did not wear hardhats or security vests. It is significant, as it method construction is finished inside the gravity building. In fact, Imagineers that guided the tour claimed that there’s just a brief window right now when they can greet groups, as trial and error will start in the comes weeks. Now, the doesn’t mean Guardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will certainly be prepared to open up in spring 2022, as there’s still that other structure that’s home to the attraction’s opened act–roughly fifty percent of the attraction, per Imagineers.


As for when Cosmic Rewind will open, yes every factor to believe that Disney will once again open Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in 2022 when it’s strategically most advantageous. Officially, the World’s most Magical Celebration will last 18 months, with March 2023.

The 18-month anniversary celebration offers Walt Disney world the possibility to carry out something the a soft reset about halfway through, “amping up” the festivities with new attractions and entertainment. This will certainly incentivize travellers who currently experienced the an initial half that the celebration come come back, and will likewise lure brand-new guests. The halfway reset will most likely be headlined through Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.


Halfway with the 50th Anniversary Celebration would certainly be about Summer 2022. Memorial day weekend would make sense, as would at an early stage June 2022.

Our expectation is that Guardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will certainly headline a reenergized Walt Disney human being 50th Anniversary marketing campaign. Guardians that the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind has a ton the marketing potential. It could convince Marvel enthusiasm (and there space a lot of them) to not simply visit Epcot, but to book Walt Disney civilization trips.


Of course, a lot can happen and adjust between now and also then. It’s hence impossible to make any kind of sort the credible predictions around when Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will open past “sometime in 2022.” It could be as at an early stage as spring 2022, or together late as Christmas 2022. Both the those days are likely extremes (anything prior to March 2022 is nearly certainly turn off the table), with the center ground of at some point in Summer 2022 being the most likely scenario.

Whenever the does open, Guardians the the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will instantly blast right into the #1 attraction spot in ~ Epcot. Regardless of exactly how we can feel about how that fits into Epcot (both thematically and physically), this is undeniably a blockbuster attraction through a colossal budget and a ride device that’s most likely to give it large appeal to guest of every ages.

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In short, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is most likely to be a crowd-pleasing attraction the wows guests through both that is thrills and technology, plus its layer of Imagineered detail and storytelling, plus famous music and also the irreverence of this Marvel misfits. It’ll most likely rival Star Wars: rise of the Resistance, Tron Lightcycle Run, and Avatar trip of Passage because that the longest wait times and also most desire FastPass+ selections in every one of Walt Disney World.