(=make a guess) deviner → together you"ve most likely guessed, the trouble was electrical.   Guess!  Devine! to guess wrong  se tromper Janice guessed wrong.  Janice s"est trompée. to keep sb guessing  laisser qn dans le doute, laisser qn dans l"incertitude → The author"s on purpose is to store everyone guessing till the very end.   to store sb guessing around sth  laisser qn dans le doute au sujet de qch, laisser qn dans l"incertitude au sujet de qch, tenir qn en haleine au sujet de qch → She was maintaining everyone guessing about the recent love in her life.   
  (mainly US) (=suppose) croire, penser 
I assumption: v so  probablement → ¨I think you"re gift paranoid." -- "Yeah. I guess so."   
  <+answer> deviner → that had currently guessed the answer.   I had already guessed the identity of she companion.  J"avais déjà deviné qui était boy compagnon. Can friend guess what the is?  Devine ce que c"est! 
 (=surmise) supposer 
to guess: v (that) ...  supposer que ... → hardwood guessed the Darley was a successful publisher or a banker.   → I would guess the she didn"t earn that much.   
 (=realize) you"d never guess the ...  on a du mal à croire que ... → v a flower in his buttonhole, you"d never ever guess that he stays in a squat near Lewisham.   
 (=foresee) prévoir 
to guess that sth will certainly happen  prévoir que qch va arriver → the should have actually guessed what would certainly happen.   → experts guess that the economic climate is heading because that a downturn.   
 (=estimate)  <+speed, age, number> estimer 
to guess how countless ...  estimer combien ... → We deserve to only guess how plenty of deaths he has actually caused.   → Guess exactly how many civilization turned up in ~ the party.   Guess how much i paid for this.  Devine combien je l"ai payé. to guess: v sth to be ...  estimer qch à ... → ns guessed the speed to it is in at least fifty km/h.   
 guess what!  devine! → guess: v what! ns just obtained my very first part in a movie!   Guess what i did last night!  Devine ce que j"ai fait hier soir! Guess who!  Devine qui c"est! → Guess who I saw this morning.   → Guess that I observed in city the various other day?   You"ll never ever guess that ...  Tu ne devineras jamais qui ... → You"ll never guess who pertained to see me yesterday.   
  (mainly US) (=suppose) croire, penser 
I guess: v (that) ...  je pense que ... → ns guess you"re right.   → i guess the she had to leave early.   
 (=surmise) supposition  f , hypothèse  f  → "How did they uncover him?" -- "It was a assumption: v on Thorne"s part."   It"s just a guess.  C"est une simple supposition. to make a guess  essayer de deviner to make a guess in ~ sth  essayer de deviner qch → that took her pulse and made a guess at she blood pressure.   to take a guess, to have a guess  essayer de deviner Have a guess!  Devine! → do you know just how long I"ve to be unemployed? have actually a guess.   anyone"s guess  * (=impossible come say) Why it occurred is anyone"s guess.  Personne ne sait pourquoi c"est arrivé. → simply when this will occur is anyone"s guess.   → It"s anybody"s guess: v what"s walk to happen next.   
 (=opinion) my guess is (that) ...  d"après moi ... → my guess is the it will certainly be at the very least ten years before the structure is completed.   → mine guess is he"s terrified the commitment ~ his divorce.   
 (=estimate) our best guess is (that) ...  d"après nous ... → My finest guess is around five years for completion the the project.   → Our ideal guess is the the election will certainly be held in August.   to make a wild guess  risquer une hypothèse → The firm claimed its forecasts were not just wild guesses.   at a guess  au jugé → at a assumption: v he"s been dead two days.   
educated guess 
  n supposition  f  éclairée to make an educated guess  faire une supposition éclairée 
 (=estimate)  <+number, size> estimer → We deserve to only guess in ~ the number of deaths it has actually caused.   → His height can not also be guessed in ~ from the photograph.   
 (=surmise) deviner 
to guess at how ...  deviner comment ... → Researchers have the right to only assumption: v at just how this weird creature evolved.   to guess at what ...  deviner ce que ... → I need to guess in ~ what he"s feeling, he never ever tells me.   
  vt  <+sb"s reaction> essayer d"anticiper They"re tho trying to second-guess his motives.  Ils essaient toujours de comprendre ses raisons. 
I guess last night confirmed that.

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J"imagine que les résultats d"hier soir ont corroboré cela.
About your father - guess what ns dreamt critical night.
A propos de ton père, devine ce que j"ai rêvé!
I guess: v after last night, Lindsay wants some more.
Je suppose qu"après la nuit dernière, Lindsay en veut plus.
Me assumption: v it were last night.
Ça doit dater de cette nuit.
And you likewise get to hear about the essential milestones, like guess what taken place last night because that the first time.
Et vous devez aussi être au courant des choses importantes, devinez ce qui s"est passé hier soir ?
Guess where I was last night.
Devinez où j"étais hier soir.

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