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Gilbert do her first appearance top top the show's 3rd episode. The photo above is of Gilbert ~ above the show's 2nd season episode, "The Codpiece Topology." Cliff Lipsonl/CBS

Before Johnny Galecki reprised his duty on the "Roseanne" reboot, his old costar Sara Gilbert appeared on "The big Bang Theory" until season three as Leonard"s ex and colleague, Dr. Leslie Winkle.

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Winkle went back for the show"s 200th episode on season ripe to attend Sheldon"s birthday party.

She's no the just "Roseanne" star who has actually made one appearance. Laurie Metcalf has actually played Sheldon's mom.


mar Cooper made her an initial appearance top top season one, episode four. She and Sheldon room seen together over for Sheldon's wedding ~ above the season 11 finale. Michael Yarish/CBS

Metcalf has showed up on a grasp of episodes as mar Cooper since season one. We intend to check out her again come close out the show.


Sheen appears on the fourth episode of season two. CBS

Sheen appeared on "The big Bang Theory" if his CBS show, "Two and also a half Men," to be on TV. Raj speak Sheen at a bar that he"s walking to it is in in people magazine.

You can watch a snippet that the scene here.

"The good Wife" star Christine Baranski has actually played Leonard's high-strung mother due to the fact that season two.


Dr. Beverly Hofstadter's first appearance was on season two, illustration 15. The photo over shows her on the season 10 premiere. Monty Brinton/Warner Bros.

Over the course of the show, Leonard"sneuroscientist and psychiatrist mother, Beverly, i do not care close through Sheldon due to the fact that they both take an overanalytical strategy to almost everything.

You have the right to see Octavia Spencer top top season two, illustration five. CBS

Spencer plays the DMV clerk that Sheldon annoys till she relents and gives the a learner"s permit simply so he"ll leave her be.

"Prison Break" actress Jodi Lyn O'Keefe meets the men in las vegas after Howard suffers a break-up.

O'Keefe appears on season two, illustration 21. Cliff Lipson/CBS

The guys take Howard to Vegas and also hire Mikayla (O"Keefe) to pretend she"s Jewish and also cheer the up. Howard winds up being just fine v that.

"Terminator: The sarah Connor Chronicles" actress Summer Glau played herself on an illustration of season two.

The title of season two, illustration 17, "The Terminator Decoupling," is a nod come Glau's role. Michael Ansell/Warner Bros

Glau share a train with the team as castle head to a conference in san Francisco and everyone yet Sheldon make the efforts hitting ~ above her.

He appeared on season three, episode two. Sonja Flemming/CBS

He discover his college nickname to be "Creepy Crawley" due to the fact that he loved examining insects since a young age.

McKellar shows up on season three, episode 12. Sonja Flemming/CBS

McKellar plays a character from "Babylon 5," Abby, which just so happens to be Sheldon"s the very least favorite show.

Henggeler reprises her season-one function on season 11. Sonja Flemming/CBS

Missy is the precise opposite of her brainy brother, Sheldon, yet she"s proud of her sibling. She"s a key character ~ above the spinoff, "Young Sheldon."

Katee Sackhoff appeared on episodes of season three and also four. Cliff Lipson/CBS

Howard imagines Katee Sackoff when he"s unsure around his connection with Bernadette.

Takei makes an figure on season four, illustration four. Cliff Lipson/CBS

Takei shows up to Howard in a fantasy to market him partnership advice around Bernadette alongside Katee Sackhoff.

Stan Lee showed up on season three, episode 16. Cliff Lipson/CBS

Sheldon misses seeing Lee in human at the store and winds up gaining a restraining order from the after that went to fulfill him in ~ his house and also entered uninvited.

Judy Greer deserve to be viewed on season three, episode 21. Monty Brinton/CBS

Greer plays Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton, that winds up having sex through Leonard and Raj after interviewing because that a job with Sheldon.

Yeun appears on season three, episode 22. CBS

Yeun played Sheldon"s ex-roommate, Sebastian, who tries to warn Leonard about moving in v him.

rick Fox reflects up top top season four, illustration 13. Cliff Lipson/CBS

Bernadette date Glenn, she college professor, for a year.

Wozniak appears on season four, episode two. Robert Voets/CBS

Sheldon speak to Wozniak via a "Mobile Virtual existence Device" he build of himself, i m sorry is basically a screen of the on wheels.

Eliza Dushku shows up on season four's seventh episode. Monty Brinton/CBS

Agent Angela web page (Dushku) comes to interview the group when Howard is make the efforts to get clearance for federal government security at work.

Neil deGrasse Tyson additionally started in a recurring bit on the show beginning on season 4 in that same episode.

Neil deGrasse Tyson an initial appears top top season four, episode seven. CBS

The astrophysicist hit the off v Raj, however was automatically dismissed by Sheldon, who holds that responsible for Pluto"s demotion as a planet. He"ll be back on the 12th season premiere when he gets into a Twitter fight v Raj.

Burton has been on the display during periods four, six, and also eight. Sonja Flemming/CBS

Burton showed up on an episode of Sheldon"s online present "Fun with Flags" to comment on "Star Trek" flags, since the actor showed up on "The next Generation."

Wyatt make his first appearance top top season 4 of "The big Bang Theory." Monty Brinton/Warner Bros.

Wyatt concerns visit his daughter on season four"s ninth episode and also is thrilled around Penny dating someone through a college degree. The only difficulty is the they"re not with each other anymore. Wyatt just doesn"t understand that.

Wyatt returns for the last season of "The large Bang Theory" come tell his daughter he supports her whether or no she desires a child.

"Arrested Development" star Jessica Walter was a leading donor come the university where Leonard and also the guys work.

Walter played Mrs. Latham top top season four, illustration 15. CBS

Mrs. Latham (Walter) took a liking to Leonard and he chose to sleep v her in order for the college to get the capital they needed.

Brenner made his first appearance as Dale top top season five, episode 10. CBS

You more than likely recognize the as large Head native the HBO series. Brenner appeared on two episodes of the display during periods five and also six.

"Star Trek" gibbs Leonard Nimoy didn't appear in person, yet he go voice a toy figurine the his character.

You deserve to hear Nimoy voice the toy Spock that haunts Sheldon ~ above season five, illustration 20. Monty Brinton/CBS

Nimoy voiced Sheldon"s conscience in the form of a Spock toy he referred to as "Little Spock."

Regina King has appeared as the person Resources administrator that has had actually to collection Sheldon directly in the past.

King joined the show as Janine Davis on season six, illustration 12. Michael Yarish/Warner Bros.

Because Sheldon takes whatever so literally, Janine Davis (King) has had actually to notify the scientist in political correctness after a sex-related harassment complain was filed versus him.

Davis makes an figure on the 12th season once Amy loses it at her own reception in prior of number of Nobel compensation winners.

Newhart's first appearance is on season six, illustration 22. Monty Brinton/CBS

Arthur Jeffries/Professor Proton was hired through Sheldon and also Leonard to game the 2 of them. Eventually, he die on the show, however returns as a soul (think a "Star Wars" force ghost) to provide Sheldon advice end the years.

Newhart showed up on the show"s finale season top top season 12, illustration five.

Aldrin appeared on season six, illustration five. Monty Brinton/CBS

After Howard start boasting to every one of his friends around going come space, he gets sent a video clip of Aldrin handing out candy top top Halloween, telling each and every single one that he visited space.

Mandel appears on season six, illustration four. CBS

Howard return from an are and as soon as he hears world cheering "Howie" at the airport the mistakes the cheers to be because that him. Instead, reporters space waiting for Howie Mandel.

Hawking very first appears by voice only on season six, episode six. Sonja Flemming/CBS

Sheldon"s connection with Hawking started when the two start playing "Words with Friends" online.

Hawking later on attended Sheldon"s birthday party via Skype and also sang to him and encouraged him to marry Amy. The display paid tribute come Hawking by sending out Amy and Sheldon a wedding current from him.

invoice Nye started showing up on the show on season seven's seventh episode. Monty Brinton/CBS

On his very first appearance, Nye tells Professor Proton (Bob Newhart) the his science show was motivated by his own. Penny refers to Nye as the "creepy old male from "Dancing with the Stars.""

Nye appeared on the 17th season the the fact show.

josh Peck deserve to be watched on season seven, episode 13. Monty Brinton/CBS

Bernadette and Stuart autumn by Jesse"s well-known comic store. Though they have a Batman comic she"s looking for, Bernadette doesn"t choose the means Stuart is treated by Jesse and also the two leave.

James Earl Jones and also Fisher make an illustration on season seven, episode 14. Robert Voets/CBS

Sheldon finds the Darth Vader actor eat at a restaurant and the two acquire along for this reason well that they wind up going to a carnival together and singing a "Lion King"-themed karaoke. Throughout their adventures that evening, they protect against at Fisher"s house, ring her doorbell, and then run off. Fisher is not amused and also says she knows it to be Jones.

They weren't the just "Star Wars" gibbs to do an figure on the show. Mark Hamill had actually a surprised cameo ~ above the show's 11th season.

You can see mark Hamill on season 11, illustration 24. Michael Yarish/CBS

Hamill popped as much as officiate Sheldon and Amy"s wedding together himself.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hamill embraced an invite to be on the display without see a script.

Billy Bob Thornton shows up on season eight, episode seven. Michael Ansell/WBEI

Lorvis top to Penny"s apartment to provide her roses after ~ mistaking a cue during a sales speak to for other more. Sheldon initially mistakes him for a deliveryman.

Penny think Lorvis is a little bit creepy, but the males wind up hanging out v him after discovering he has actually a yes, really cool, geeky basement filled with classic posters and video games.

Nathan Fillion appears on season eight, illustration 15. Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertain

Fillion first denies that he"s one actor, but then lastly gives in. Fillion gets frustrated as Raj then inquiries whether or no Fillion actually is the "Firefly" star.

jane Kaczmarek appears on season nine, illustration 12. Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertain Inc.

Leonard plans come pretend to be a patient, yet Dr. Gallo (Kaczmarek) winds up acquiring both Leonard and Penny to open up up about their relationship.

Elon Musk shows up on the ninth episode the season nine. Monty Brinton/CBS

The two share a item of pumpkin pie as Musk speak Howard he"s always looking for engineers.

June Squibb shows up on season nine, illustration 14. Michael Yarish/CBS

Sheldon"s Meemaw ultimately visits in the ninth season and has a couple of opinions around Sheldon"s girlfriend (and soon-to-be fiancé) Amy.

Adam West shows up on season nine, episode 17. Monty Brinton/CBS

Raj, Howard, and Leonard discuss the ideal Batman actors v the TV Dark items on the drive over come Sheldon"s surprised party.

Hirsch is top top season nine, illustration 24. Monty Brinton/Warner Bros.

We quickly learn Alfred Hofstadter (Hirsch) does no get together with his ex-wife, Beverly (Christine Baranski). Alfred winds up acquisition a liking to Sheldon"s mom, Mary.

Katey Sagal is viewed on season 10, episode one. Monty Brinton/Warner Bros.

This cameo is extra distinct if you understand that Sagal previously played Kaley Cuoco"s mommy on ABC"s "8 simple Rules."

Randall likewise appears ~ above the season 10 premiere. He's to the much left in the photo. Monty Brinton/Warner Bros.

In the past, Penny stated he checked out jail for making homemade meth.

Ellen have the right to be watched on season 10, illustration nine. CBS

Sheldon has actually no idea that DeGeneres is, however he enjoys his time at the show.

"Do world know about her?" Sheldon asks his girlfriend Bert at a taping the the daytime speak show. "She"s delightful."

Pamela Adlon voices the baby starting on season 10, episode 11. Amanda Edwards/Getty Images, Monty Brinton/CBS

If you thought Halley"s voice sound familiar, it belongs come the "Better Things" actress and also comedian.

Lloyd shows up on season 10, episode 10. CBS

Theodore moves right into Sheldon"s old bedroom briefly and Penny and Leonard room baffled to find him sitting in Sheldon"s favorite spot in the living room.

invoice Gates appears on season 11, episode 18. Erik Voake/CBS

Sheldon doesn"t believe Penny is really meeting with Gates due to the fact that he visits on April Fool"s Day.

Jerry O'Connell appears on season 11, episode 23. Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. To chat Inc.

Georgie is Sheldon"s larger brother who bullied him once they to be younger. Sheldon"s mother says she won"t pertained to his wedding unless Georgie is invited.

George Cooper Jr. Reappeared on season 12, episode four when Leonard Skyped him come ask about one that Sheldon"s childhood friends.

Dean Norris appears on 5 episodes of season 10 and one episode of season 11. Monty Brinton/Warner Bros.

On season 10, he tries to contact Raj and also Howardabout their navigating system.

Kathy Bates shows up on season 11, episode 24. Michael Yarish/CBS

Bates showed up again ~ above the season 12 premiere and later on the season"s eighth episode where Sheldon safety time through her.

Teller, the Penn and Teller, shows up on season 11, illustration 24. Michael Yarish/CBS

The typically silent magician surprised fans by speaking 2 words top top the episode: "Thank you."

"We contacted him and also he to be super-excited about doing it," "Big Bang Theory" executive producer Steve Holland called Entertainment Weekly. "He was actually bouncing back and forth. He to be directing a play in Chicago and doing his Penn and also Teller present in Vegas, yet he was like, "Don"t worry. We"ll job-related out the logistics. I really want to be there to execute this.""

Teller appeared again on episode eight of the final season whereby he spoke even more and took part time come bond v Sheldon.

Astin dram Dr. Greg Pemberton ~ above the show's last season. He an initial appears ~ above season 12, episode 13. Michael Yarish/CBS

Dr. Greg Pemberton (Astin) is just one of two physicists in Chicago who accidentally confirms the Super-Asymmetry record Sheldon and Amy publish. He appears a few times ~ above the final season.

Kal penn plays Dr. Campbell, the various other physicist who at first confirms Sheldon and Amy's scientific research paper.

Penn's an initial appearance ~ above "The big Bang Theory" is likewise season 12, episode 13. Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertain

On his show"s second appearance the tries to take credit for Sheldon and Amy"s scientific paper.

Kevin smith made his an initial show figure on season eight briefly. We finally see him on season 12, episode 16 v a couple of other stars. Michael Yarish/CBS

Smith is part of a mystery celebrity "Dungeons & Dragons" game Wil Wheaton master in his home.

Previously, Smith"s voice to be heard top top season eight, episode 20 of the show. Smith calls right into a podcast taping about Penny"s ape movie through Wheaton. It turns out Smith is just one of the few people who enjoyed the movie and he invites coin to audition because that a function in "Clerks 3."

"True Blood" star Joe Manganiello is also component of Wil Wheaton's an enig celebrity "Dungeons & Dragon" club on the show.

Manganiello shows up on season 12, episode 16. Michael Yarish/CBS

Manganiello didn"t need to act. He yes, really is a big fan of "D&D." The actor told Stephen Colbert he master his own gamings in his basement with celebrities like "Saturday Night Live"s" Taran Killam.

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He has also stopped through the UPMC Children"s Hospital the Pittsburgh through his brother to host a conference of the game.