It might not be Flashback Friday, yet a returning player is back onThe View. Tara Setmayer will go back to the panel now as a part of the show’s rotating guest conservative master stepping into Meghan McCain’s empty seat ~ above the panel. The past two weeks have actually brought fairly unlikable guest master to the panel; hopefully, Setmayer’s go back to the table will allow the co-hosts to relax a bit, for a change. However who knows!

Setmayer’s trip toThe Viewcomes after a revolving series of guest hosts that have concerned visit the series, greatly on Monday and also Tuesday. Previous hosts have contained Caitlyn Jenner, Condoleezza Rice, Eboni K. Williams, and also even McCain’s own mom Cindy. And also whileThe Viewhas to be hosting return panelists because that Flashback Friday as a part of your Season 25 celebrations, Setmayer marks the first host (albeit alternate) to come in for what feels prefer “an audition” because that McCain’s seat.

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Here’s whatever we know about Tara Setmayer’s cool return toThe View as guest host.

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Who is Tara Setmayer, the new guest co-host ofThe View?

Tara Setmayer is the latest conservative guest organize to take a seat in ~ the panel, but she’s certainly no stranger toThe View. The political commentator used to it is in a fill-in for the show, like current alternative Ana Navarro. Yet after some brutal feuding broke out in 2018 v her and McCain, Setmayer has actually rarely been viewed on the panel. The was actually reported the McCain “blocked” Setmayer from returning, yet no one onThe Viewhas officially confirmed that rumor.

As because that the rest of Setmayer’s career, the commentator worked on CNN, alphabet News,Good Morning America,Real Time through Bill Maher, and more. She was also the former GOP interactions Director ~ above Capitol Hill, and now works v The Lincoln project as a senior advisor. For most of she life, Setmayer determined as a Republican — yet as of 2020, she now identifies together Independent.

Is Tara Setmayer the irreversible replacement for Meghan McCain?

Nope. There’s no long-term replacement for McCain rather yet, asThe Viewis acquisition a small time to find someone to fill her chair.

How lengthy will Tara Setmayer it is in a co-host onThe View?

Setmayer will be co-hostingThe Viewfor simply two work this week, start today and also continuing right into tomorrow’s (Nov. 16) episode.

When willThe Viewannounce the new permanent host?The View hosting schedule:

At the moment, we have no idea whenThe Viewwill notice the host that’ll snag the 3rd slot permanently. We’ve watched folks like S.E. Cupp, Eboni K. Williams, and also even Cindy McCain perform well in the position, so it might be any type of of them. It can even it is in Setmayer — although the news might not you re welcome McCain.

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So far, we only know that Cameran Eubanks is on the roster sometime later of Season 25. We’ll additionally get a distinct guest this Friday: a previous co-host will go back to the show!

When isThe Viewon? how to watchThe View Season 25:

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