America"s gained Talent welcomed a brand-new guest judge because that Tuesday"s auditions. With Heidi Klum the end sick -- with what turned out to be a cold andnot coronavirus, which to be a worry for her at the moment -- Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet to fill in because that an amazing night that performances together his former co-star, Sofia Vergara.

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"Unfortunately, Heidi Klum is feeling under the weather today, yet luckily Sofia had the ability to pull a couple of strings," host Terry Crews said, before introducing the one-of-a-kind guest judge.

"I fixed the difficulty for today!" Vergara said excitedly. "I dubbed one of mine friends!"

Stonestreet -- that starred together Vergara top top Modern Family because that 11 periods -- was thrilled to it is in a part of the fun.

Stonestreet exclaimed, after his introduction, "I"m a pan of the show, so this is incredible. Ns can"t wait to view what America"s got tonight! I"m so pumped!"

Vergara, meanwhile, to be thrilled to bring "my new family and my old family members together!"

As his very first move behind the judges table, Stonestreet was motivated to push the huge red buzzer, and was startled at exactly how loud and aggressive the buzz yes, really is.

Stonestreet sat in for Klum after the longtime AGT host -- who made her return to the display this season after acquisition season 14 off -- dubbed out sick.

This illustration was shot amid the growing coronavirus outbreak, and also was among the critical episodes the the season special an audience, as preventative procedures were taken before shutting production down completely.

Earlier this month, ET spoke through Simon Cowell regarding the audition rounds, and he defined how the present tried to press through until that was no much longer an option.

"When we an initial started, we had actually a complete audience, and also then job by day, friend know, things started to gain worse, so us went ripe days with an audience and also then we had to do two days without an audience, i beg your pardon we"d never done before," Cowell recalled. "By job 11, we simply went OK,it really, yes, really isn"t safe now."

Meanwhile, Klum and her husband, Tom Kaulitz, to be both came to that castle may have actually contracted COVID-19. After ~ the pair quarantined, separately, and also were tested because that the illness, both exam came back negative.

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For an ext on this season of America"s gained Talent, inspect out the video clip below.

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