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Some theme Week Info and Demetria Lovato, The Script, and also Gloria Estefan shown to do On Dancing with The Stars

Just a fast update ~ above the themes planned because that Dancing with The Stars Season 13. Broadway people via entertainment Weekly has actually reported there will a “Broadway Week” as well as “1980’s Week” and “Halloween Week”. Ns know just how much you all favor “theme” weeks. Lol Actually, i think Broadway Week and “1980’s Week” doesn’t sound also bad.

According to Entertainment Weekly, amongst the layout weeks because that the upcoming brand-new season the DANCING with THE STARS will certainly be a Broadway week! continue to be tuned to BroadwayWorld.com for info on what week it will certainly be as it’s announced. Additionally on the agenda – Halloween and the 1980s!

Also, according to Gloria Estefan’s official site, she will certainly be performing top top Dancing through the stars ~ above October 18th. Exactly me if I’m wrong, but, i think this will certainly make her 3rd appearance top top the show. Thanks to buzzpatterson.com leader Carlos because that this news!! mental this?

ADDIING: and Demetria Lovato and The script will be performing this upcoming main on the Results present according to this tweet…

Next mainly on #DWTS The results (Tues, 9pm),

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ddlovato and
thescript are performing!