One exciting thing about the show is that some characters are so solid you think they were in scores of episodes yet, in reality, they were in really few. That the 249 illustration (250 if you counting the Pilot which i do) filmed only Andy himself appeared in all of them. To me, it was surprising the Ron Howard come in 2nd with 210 (plus 14 credit just plus the pilot) appearances. Frances Bavier ("Aunt Bee") appeared on 175 (including the pilot add to 4 credit only) when Don Knotts was on 143 (plus 9 credit transaction only). How amazing no other character got to the 100 display mark. George Lindsey, Howard McNear and Aneta Corsaut to be the only ones top top at the very least 50 episodes. Jack Dodson, expect Summers and Hal Smith every made over 30 appearances. Betty Lynn make 26 and Jim Nabors 23 episodes. All others were fewer 보다 20 episodes consisting of "Emmett Clark" and also "Ellie Walker" and "Warren Ferguson." also "Ernest T. Bass" and "The Darlings" make fewer than ten episodes. The writing, casting and also directing to be so flawless the it simply makes friend think all of them to be on most of the episodes.

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It all began as an episode of Make Room for Daddy through Danny thomas in an illustration entitled "Danny Meets Andy Griffith" the aired top top February 15, 1960. This present introduced the civilization to Mayberry, north Carolina and also the widower Sheriff Andy Taylor and his kid Opie. Francis Bavier also appeared in this episode but not together "Aunt Bee" she to be "Henrietta Perkins." others that would later additionally show increase on The Andy Griffith Show including will Wright, open minded Cady, and also Rance Howard. As I have proclaimed I feel this is the true start of TAGS. 

During the mirrors run countless actors and also actresses that would certainly go on come star in movies and television shows showed up including: Barbara Eden, buddy Ebsen, Max Baer, Jr., Edgar Buchanan, Don Rickles, Bob Denver, Alan Hale, Jr., frank Cady, Alvy Moore, Sid Melton, mar Grace Canfield, Hank Patterson, Howard Hesseman (credited as Don Sturdy), James Best, wilhelm Christopher, Jamie Farr, Gavin MacLeod, Julie Adams, Dabbs Greer, rob Reiner, Denver Pyle, Bo Hopkins, Lee van Cleef, Helen Kleeb, mary Jackson, Dub Taylor, Richard Bull, karl Swenson, Ellen Corby, Artie Johnson, cock Haynes, Terri Garr, Elinor Donahue and Ronnie Schell, George Nader and Casey Adams (aka Max Showalter). Even Jack Nicholson made two appearances ~ above the show!

Even Barbara Griffith the very first wife the Andy Griffith appeared in one episode. Ron Howard"s father and also brother appeared in episodes. Actor"s Howard Morris "Ernest T. Bass" and Richard Crenna both command 8 illustration of TAGS.

Now my own list walk not include the announcer Colin Male other than for his appearance together a woodland ranger top top the show. Masculine in 65 that the early episodes to be the announcer. Ns personally think about the announcer similar to a crew member, manager etc. And not a member that the cast.

In all over 500 actors showed up on the display (not counting "Dolly the horse" or "Old Sam the Fish." about 475 that those had actually "credited" roles. There were scores of "extras" that would most likely push the perform up much higher. The names through ** ~ them have exemplars shown herein. The following is a perform of cast members that were on in ~ least five episodes:

Andy Griffith "Andy Taylor" 249 episodes**(plus the pilot) Ron Howard "Opie Taylor" 224 **(plus the pilot) Frances Bavier "Aunt bee Taylor" 177** (plus the pilot) Don Knotts "Barney Fife" 151** George lindsey "Goober Pyle" 87** Howard McNear "Floyd Lawson" 80** Aneta Corsaut "Helen Crump" 66** Jack Dodson "Howard Sprague" 38** expect Summers "Clara Edwards" 32** Hal smith "Otis Campbell" 32** Betty Lynn "Thelma Lou" 26** Jim Nabors "Gomer Pyle" 23** Paul Hartman "Emmett Clark) 16** mar Lansing "Martha Clark" 15 Burt Mustin "Jud Fletcher & others" 14** Robert McQuain "Joe Waters & others" 14 Richard Keith "Johnny Paul Jason" 13** Elinor Donahue "Ellie Walker" 12** Jack Burns "Warren Ferguson" 11** penis Elliott "Mayor Pike" 11** Joseph H. Hamilton "Mayberry Citizen" 11** Joseph Crehan "Mayberry Citizen" 10** Sheldon Collins "Arnold Bailey" 9** Roy Engel "Mayberry Citizen" 8** Allan Melvin "Various Parts" 8** Dennis rush "Howie Pruitt" 8 Howard Morris "Ernest T. Bass" 8** Rhonda Jeter "Karen burgess & others" 8 Parley Baer "Mayor Stoner" 7** Charles P. Thompson "Old Asa" later "Doc Roberts" 7** wilhelm Keene "Rev. Tucker" 6 Jack Prince "Rafe Hollister" 6** Janet Stewart (Bernice and others) 6 Forrest Lewis (Cy Hudgins; Mayberry Citizen) 6** joy Ellison (Effie Muggins and others) 6 Cheerio Meredith "Emma Brand" 6** Norman Leavitt ("Wally" and others) 6** Maggie Peterson Mancuso "Charlene Darling" 6** Denver Pyle "Briscoe Darling" 6** Doug Dillard (Darling brother) 6** Rodney Dillard (Darling brother) 6** Mitch Jayne (Darling brother) 6** Dean Webb (Darling brother) 6** Olan Soule (Choirmaster man Masters/hotel clerk) 5 Jason Johnson (Mr. Weaver & others) 5 frank Ferguson (Mr. Foley, Sam Lindsey, Wilbur Pine) 5 Amzie Strickland (Myra Tucker & others) 5 Sherwood Keith (Sam) 5 Warren Parker (County fair Judge) 5 George Cisar (Cyrus Tankersley) 5 open minded Warren (Art Crowley the grocer) 5 Ruth Thom (Ella Carson) 5 Maudie Prickett (Aunt Nora and Mrs. Larch) 5** Clint Howard (Leon) 5 Sam Edwards (Tom Bedlow & others) 5**

These figures readjust as I uncover other illustration they are in. To do these autographs a bit much easier for people to uncover I to be going to do a list of the autographs in the reply section below. That method if friend are in search of a specific person you have the right to scroll down to discover them below in this discussion. The autographs below are human being who to be on at the very least two illustration of the show. Over there is another discussion because that those that appeared on only one show and also another because that "extras." Jack Dodson "Howard Sprague" expect Summers "Clara" Sheldon Collins "Arnold" Allan Melvin. Plenty of roles. James Best. "Jim Lindsey" Joseph H. Hamilton. "Jase," "Choney," and "Chester Jones" mary Treen.

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"Rose" and "Clara Lindsey." Jonathan hole "Orville Monroe" in 3 episodes. Richard Keith (aka Keith Thibodeaux) Margaret Kerry Ron Howard Sam Edwards Burt Mustin Byron Foulger Arthur Malet Denver Pyle Doug Dillard Rodney Dillard Mitch Jayne Dean Webb Maggie Peterson Doodles Weaver (aka Red Marshall) Joe Crehan Parley Baer Rance Howard Emory Parnell Joyce Jameson Amzie Strickland Jack Burns Ken Lynch