10 Guest Stars we Forgot were On The large Bang theory Throughout the halls that Cal Tech and also streets of Pasadena, we"ve met some awesome guest stars top top the collection of The huge Bang Theory.

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Beginning ago in 2007, Big Bang Theory made a big splash with fans who couldn"t get enough of the relationship between Dr. Sheldon Cooper and...well, pretty lot everyone. For 12 seasons, we"ve watched Sheldon grow into a guy who was qualified of affectionate feelings, Penny and Leonard grow closer and also closer, Howard and Bernadette having actually a family, and Raj gift Raj. These co-workers and best friends taught us a lot about their brainy world, and also fans were just happy to it is in apart of the ride.

Throughout the halls the Caltech and streets that Pasadena, California, we were also introduced to a grasp of guest stars; guest stars who are way more well known than their tiny appearance top top the show. Transparent 12 seasons and also 12 years, we"re taking a look at 10 guest stars we forgot appeared on The huge Bang Theory. 

appearing in one episode in the 9th season together Dr. Alfred Hofstadter, actor Judd Hirsch starred together Leonard"s effective dad. Return his dad is mentioned often throughout the seasons, we"ve never actually met him until Leonard and also Penny decision to have a wedding in prior of their friends and family.

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In this episode, we acquired to ultimately see Leonard"s dad communicate with his ballsy mother, who has actually ripped his surname to shreds every possibility she obtained when she to be on screen. In genuine life, Hirsch has been in the likes the Independence Day, The good Wife, A Beautiful Mind, and more.

9 Charlie Sheen

as soon as one think of The large Bang Theory, they don"t necessarily think of gibbs (and former hot mess) Charlie Sheen. However, in the second season, Chalie"s confront popped increase in "The Griffin Equivalency" as soon as Raj is invite to be in civilization Magazine. Together he"s bragging around his success at the Cheesecake Factory, Charlie swirls about in his chair and says to speak to him at some point if he ever before makes it on the cover. This, of course, is in recommendation to Charlie gift a tabloid king. Yet considering chuck Lorre command both Two and also a fifty percent Men and The large Bang Theory, the link makes sense.

Sheldon"s mother Mary may have appeared in much more episodes than the mean guest star however it"s funny to mental just how much of a large deal Laurie Metcalf is! ns mean, she"s the voice of Andy"s mom in Toy Story for Heaven"s sake! She"s also been on Rosanne, acquiring On, no hope Housewives, and dozens an ext in her decades-long career.

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In The big Bang Theory, mary is the super religious mother that Sheldon Cooper. She stays in Texas wherein she always makes certain to speak to her baby boy once things are troubling him. Through his love for science and also her love because that God, these two have hilariously aer conversations.

7 Jerry O"Connell

It was a surprised to everyone once we finally had the opportunity to fulfill Sheldon"s brother George Cooper Jr. In season 11. We"ve heard about he and Sheldon"s pair sister because that years yet never had the chance to see the 2 interact. However, Sheldon shows up in George"s store to make amends for every the negative blood over the past pair of years. It was then we had actually a chance to watch George"s next of things and also why that disliked his brothers so much. Thankfully, Sheldon sees his side and apologizes, and also George decides to attend Sheldon"s wedding. Portraying George, however, to be none various other than Jerry O"Connell!

O"Connell is most well-known for his fight "80s movie Stand by Me, but he should also be noted for Billions and also for act voice work for video games.

In the seventh illustration of season four, Howard is extremely close to getting the chance to walk to outer space. The FBI decides to send your agent, Angela Paige (Dushku), over to meet Howard"s closestly friends and also colleagues to gather information on his character, and also of course, it goes horribly. Eliza Dushku portrays the certified dealer who renders Raj feeling uncomfortable just by gift female, slams Leonard"s flirting under to the ground, and got means too much information out of Sheldon. In all, she was a challenging FBI agent.

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Off set, Eliza Dushku is most well-known as Missy in Bring it On, however she"s additionally been on the TV collection Hulk and the Agents the S.M.A.S.H., Tru Calling, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Judy Greer has remained in everything from Ant-Man, 13 walk On 30, modern-day Family, and yes, even The big Bang Theory. She"s among those actresses that seems to constantly pop increase from time come time. Top top the show, however, she portrays Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton — a girlfriend of Sheldon"s. In the 3rd episode, she"s staying with Sheldon and also Leonard because that a job-related trip but ends up resting with Leonard (and Raj). Together it transforms out, this doctor was a tad promiscuous and also it rubbed coin the wrong means since she and also Leonard just damaged up. Greer walk play an amazing part who to be both extremely intelligent and also sexy.

Octavia Spencer is such a significant actress, it"s practically comical the she was a guest star in anything and not one of the leads! Nevertheless, she did show up as a clerk in ~ the DMV in episode 5 in the second season. This Oscar winner had actually to resolve Sheldon"s antics after he had actually a couple of questions about the exam. And like most human being who resolve Sheldon, she obtained sick that his do the efforts questions and told him to leave.

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When not working at the DMV, Spencer has remained in incredible movies like The Help, surprise Figures, and The Shack.


"It"s warm in here, it should be summer." This is what Howard to be preparing come say come actress Summer Glau as he saw her acquisition the train. Raj took his thunder, though, and used the pickup line himself. Unlike few of the other guest stars, Summer played herself so that the gang could fan-girl end her. She was a great sport hanging with Howard and Raj but over time, she grew sick that Howard gift so forward. Eventually, she escaped the group and got off the train.

Off the set of The large Bang Theory, Glau has been on Grey"s Anatomy, Terminator: The buy it Connor Chronicles, Arrow, and more!

Danica McKellar is most known for starring in The Wonder Years, yet she"s still exhilaration in 2019, appearing in a ton of TV movies and also shows. On Big Bang, though, she appeared in the 12th episode of season three when she decides to walk on a day with Raj. The pair met a mixer as soon as Raj required Sheldon to it is in his wingman. While countless thought this idea would certainly blow increase in smoke, it actually worked since McKellar"s character had a friend who was completely into Sheldon.


The amazing thing about The large Bang Theory is that guest stars from miscellaneous "geeky" shows and movies pop up native time come time. In one instance, Star Trek"s George Takei showed up in season four as one imaginary friend to Howard.

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In the episode, Howard would lot rather spend his nights through an imaginary Katee Sackhoff 보다 a real-life Bernadette. To bring him earlier to life, George Takei appears and also tries to bring insight.

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In his early on 80"s, Takei is still taking Hollywood by storm v two tasks being wrapped increase this year and in 2021.