The 10 finest Guest Stars top top The large Bang theory In that 12 season run, The large Bang concept has had some truly outstanding guest stars. Us look at the 10 best.

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As one of the most successful and also longest-running sitcoms in tv history, CBS" The huge Bang Theory is able to boast about some pretty outstanding things. Recently, it surpassed the above sitcom Cheers together the longest running multi-camera sitcom in tv history. It has won countless awards and racked increase a important absurd quantity of nominations past that. That starring actors have skyrocketed to A-list fame, regardless of even if it is they were recognized or unknown before the series" premiere.

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But the isn"t just the main actors of personalities that contains some pretty well-known names. Over the course of twelve periods and practically 300 episodes, The huge Bang Theory has had actually an limitless parade of A-listers appear in duties of varying significance. Whether scientific research fiction icons, television legends, or real life scientific geniuses, the guest stars top top The huge Bang Theory are nothing short of the end of this world. Us take a look back at the ten ideal of lock all.

You"d be difficult pressed to find any type of scientist - even if it is on television or otherwise - who made a enlarge impression on more children than the legend himself, bill Nye the scientific research Guy. Therefore it only made sense, really, that Nye would show up in an episode featuring The large Bang Theory"s equivalent of self - Arthur Jeffries, additionally known as TV personality Professor Proton.

Bill Nye"s appearance on the series is the result of one of Sheldon"s numerous harebrained schemes for getting revenge because that what the feels is a wrong that has actually been excellent to him. But in the end, rather than do friends with a new television icon, Sheldon just winds up v yet one more restraining order from a prominent public figure.

9 Stephen Hawking (Himself)

The large Bang Theory, Stephen Hawking
countless of the guest stars top top this list find themselves inadvertently pulled right into the civilization of The large Bang Theory because of Sheldon"s larger-than-life personality and boundless ego. However very few of this characters and their equivalent actors can claim to have uncovered themselves in a war of the minds with Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

The most far-reaching of these so-called rivals was, there is no question, the legendary genius Stephen Hawking himself. The back and forth barbs exchanged in between the scientific geniuses would span multiple seasons, greatly consisting in the type of exchanged voicemails, though Hawking did show up as self on many occasions. Complying with his happen in 2018, the series also had a poignant tribute come the among a sort genius.

it wouldn"t it is in a show around real nerds with exceptional nerd street cred if they weren"t obsessed with Star WarsStar Trek, or both. The large Bang Theory gang are, naturally, obsessed with both iconic pieces of science fiction media (among plenty of others) and also the series has reflected your very strong opinions by do the efforts to attribute as countless guest stars from these beloved franchises together possible.

An all too brief, yet instantly above cameo come in the type of the so late Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher. Fisher showed up at the very end of an episode which uncovered Sheldon embarking ~ above a crazy adventure with one more of Fisher"s own Star Wars castmates, James Earl Jones. Jones and also Sheldon attempted come ding dong ditch Fisher"s home, leading to her running outside armed with a baseball bat.

7 Wil Wheaton (Himself)

speaking of iconic scientific research fiction stars, Star Trek actors member Wil Wheaton has actually long recurred on The huge Bang Theory together an end the top version of himself - who becomes Sheldon"s watch eternal nemesis. Whether they"re fighting top top dueling bowling teams or warring over who should come to be television"s new Professor Proton, Wil and Sheldon have virtually always been at each other"s throats.

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On a few occasions, the seemed prefer these two were finally going to be able to let bygones it is in bygones. Yet who room we kidding? The rivalry in between these polar opposites is among the finest things the series has ever done. Any time Sheldon angrily screams "Wheaton," it"s clear things are about to obtain really good.

It"s not simply science fiction symbols that have actually popped up on The huge Bang Theory over the years. Longtime television and theatre icon Laurie Metcalf has had actually a recurring role on the collection from practically the really beginning as Sheldon"s exceptionally religious, conservative, old fashioned mother, mar Cooper.

Sheldon and his mother are practically always at odds in regards to their beliefs and also opinions regarding, well, usually everything. But Mary loves she son an ext than anything, and also she will certainly go to every little thing lengths important to ensure that he to know this, and that the is happy. Your tender connection is likewise further explored in the prequel series Young Sheldon, which finds Metcalf"s very own daughter, Zoe Perry, taking on the function of Mary.

5 Levar Burton (Himself)

if Levar Burton might be ideal known because that his duties as Geordi LaForge in Star Trek: The following Generation, or Kunta Kinte in Roots, or even as the hold of the lover series analysis Rainbow, LeVar Burton has additionally made some truly invaluable and hilarious contributions to The huge Bang Theory over the years. None of his guest appearances have actually been all that long, yet every time he shows up on the series, something walk horribly - and also hilariously - wrong.

On one occasion, he mirrors up in ~ Sheldon"s apartment after ~ a Twitter invite, only to uncover drunk and half-naked guys singing karaoke. ~ above two other occasions, he shows up on Sheldon"s Fun v Flags webseries, only to discover himself in significantly uncomfortable situations, because of Sheldon"s total obliviousness regarding social protocols. Thankfully, Burton is nothing if no a game comedic performer, and also each appearance enables him to make the most amusing face expressions as a result.

Sometimes, when civilization meet their idols, things go specifically as planned. Various other times... That human in inquiry is Sheldon Cooper, and also nothing ever goes follow to his plan. When Sheldon learned the the father of Marvel himself, Stan Lee, was going to it is in visiting Stuart"s comic book shop, and also he would certainly be missing out ~ above it, he to be understandably entirely beside himself. Yet Penny, ever a an excellent friend, controlled to carry out some digging and found out wherein Stan Lee lived, and brought Sheldon because that a visit together a surprise.

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As if that weren"t creepy enough, Sheldon invites himself into Stan Lee"s home, and also winds up with yet an additional restraining stimulate to include to his collection. Despite the short length the the comic book icon"s cameo in the series, Stan Lee was, unarguably, one of The big Bang Theory"s biggest gets in terms of star strength - and also certainly make a lasting impression ~ above Sheldon, and Penny, too.

3 note Hamill (Himself)

mark Hamill may not have been the very first member of the Star Wars actors to make a guest figure on The large Bang Theory, but he, without question, had actually the most systematic appearance, in regards to what he contributed to the series. After ~ Howard meets Hamill while returning a shed dog he discovered that turned out to be Hamill"s, note Hamill available Howard a favor together a display of gratitude because that him returning his lover pet come him.

The favor Howard requested, as we all know, turned the end to be the Hamill would take into consideration officiating Sheldon and also Amy"s wedding. Of course, every along, Wil Wheaton had been readying come do just that, i beg your pardon only enhanced the dissension in between Sheldon and also Wheaton - especially given the Star Wars vs. Star Trek tension. Yet Hamill turned the end to be just the right male for the job, also getting emotionally invest multiple times throughout the ceremony.

It"s regularly the many fun once a celebrity appears in a guest starring role as a heightened variation of us - because at that point, there"s truly virtually nothing that"s turn off limits. In season seven, Darth Vader himself, James Earl Jones, appeared in an illustration that feels choose nothing brief of a fever dream, it"s therefore hysterically difficult to believe. After ~ Sheldon runs into James Earl Jones when dining out, the 2 embark top top a bizarre, giddy adventure transparent the city.

Along the way, lock visit a carnival, ride a ferris wheel together, pig out on ice cream cream, sing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" at a karaoke night, take in a steam bath at a sauna, effort to prank Carrie Fisher, and more. It"s one of the series" most hilarious episodes ever, and none of it would have actually been possible without James Earl Jones" total commitment to the bit.

1 Bob Newhart (Arthur Jeffries aka Professor Proton)

few guest stars have contributed an ext meaningfully to the collection overall than the comedy legend Bob Newhart. Once Newhart an initial appeared top top the series, the was merely the elderly former children"s television display host Professor Proton, or Arthur Jeffries - the guy who motivated Sheldon to become a scientist, and also now discovered himself the unlikely thing of Sheldon"s ask devotion during their very first meeting.

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Over time, however, Newhart"s function as Arthur deepened, and became miscellaneous so an extremely much more meaningful. ~ Arthur"s pass in the series, Newhart would proceed to recur together a brand-new version the the character: pressure Ghost Arthur, who visits Sheldon in his desires a la Obi Wan Kenobi, at any time Sheldon is in need of some ethical support. No other actor can have do this character, and this recurring gag, so entertaining. Newhart"s halting, skeptical, quizzical shipment simply seals the transaction each and every time.