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11 October point out the International job of the Girl – a time as soon as people and also groups approximately the globe come with each other to highlight, discuss, and also take activity to advancement rights and also opportunities for girls everywhere. The score of the motion is "to aid galvanize worldwide enthusiasm to better girls" lives, providing an chance for castle to display leadership and also reach their complete potential" which overlaps significantly with part our finest and brightest women record holders. Come celebrate this day and also support amazing and also inspiring women of every ages around the world, here’s a perform of outstanding female title-holders for girls almost everywhere to aspire to. 

Cecilie Skog

Adventurer Cecilie Skog (Norway) has damaged multiple Guinness world Records titles. In 2006, she declared the title for the Shortest time take away by a mrs to with the three too much points of the Earth: mount Everest, the phibìc Pole and the south Pole (also known as the 3 Poles) in 1 year 336 days. She summitted Mt Everest top top 23 might 2004, reached the south Pole on 27 December 2005, and finally declared the phibìc Pole on 24 April 2006. Cecilie also hold the record for The fastest unsupported trek to the north Pole through a female which she achieved in 48 work 22 hours. She left Ward-Hunt Island with teammates, Rolf Bae and also Per Henry Borch (both Norway), top top 6 march 2006 and also reached the phibìc Pole on 24 April 2006. 

Tiffany Herrera - a.k.a iHasCupquake

A "true geek" who loves to "make world smile", iHasCupquake – a.k.a Tiffany Herrera indigenous Los Angeles, USA – achieved the record for Most subscribers for a female gamings broadcaster ~ above YouTube with 5,461,793 subscribers to her gamings channel as of 29 march 2017. Tiffany additionally holds the record for Most views for a female gamings broadcaster top top YouTube; her channel had got 2,132,895,223 views together of 29 in march 2017. 

Linsey Lindberg

Linsey “Mama Lou” Lindberg is one American strongwoman indigenous Austin, Texas, who has actually achieved three Guinness World records titles for her incredible strength. Lindsay holds the document for Most apologize crushed v the bicep in one minute. ~ above 3 July 2014, she crushed 10 apples if on the collection of Lo display Dei document in Milan, Italy. On 16 November 2014, she accomplished the Most call directories torn by a female in a minute when she tore 5 directories at the main Market in Austin, Texas, USA. And also on 20 July 2015 she ripped 5 decks that cards, setup the record for Most decks of cards ripped in one minute on the set of Officially impressive in Suffolk, UK. 

Aevin Dugas

Aevin Dugas a 36 year-old social worker from brand-new Orleans, USA, is the proud owner of the world"s Largest afro (female) with a circumference measure an remarkable 4 ft 4 in (1.32 m). As one can imagine, it have the right to be quite complicated to up keep this type of hairstyle. However Aevin has no regrets end her choice of hairstyle: "As a mrs you"re told that straight hair is beautiful hair. This is crazy. The afro is my organic hairstyle and there can"t be anything much more beautiful than that." 

Chloe Kim

American sensation Chloe Kim’s first-ever Olympic appearance at PyeongChang 2018 couldn’t have gone lot better. Because that her occasion in the women"s snowboarding, she made history by ending up being the world’s Youngest woman snowboarding gold medallist at a Winter Olympics in ~ the age of 17 years and also 296 days. On her final run at Bogwang Phoenix Park, Kim landed back-to-back 1080s to document her greatest score of 98.25 – 8.5 points ahead of the rest of the field.

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She would have qualified because that Sochi 2014, yet at 13 years old she was below the minimum period of 15 for half-pipe competitors. Her success was a unique one for she family, together she accomplished this feat in she parents’ home nation of south Korea. 

Carli Lloyd

Carli anne Lloyd is an American football (soccer) player from New Jersey, the superstar athlete accomplished three records during the 2015 Women"s civilization Cup Final versus Japan. The 36-year-old has actually the Fastest goal scored in the FIFA Women"s civilization Cup final (3 minutes in the 2015 Women"s people Cup Final versus Japan), Most objectives scored in the FIFA Women"s people Cup final by one individual (3, likewise in the 2015 final) and the Oldest goalscorer in the FIFA Women"s world Cup final (32 years 354 days).

Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam is one anti-bullying and also body picture activist and has a fascinating story to tell together she overcame year of bullying to take ownership of she appearance and also get vested the document for Youngest female through a complete beard at the age of 24 year 282 days. Born on 29 November 1990, Harnaam first started to notice that she was farming facial hair at the age of 11. She was eventually diagnosed v polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that means she has much an ext testosterone than most women which is what reasons hair to grow on her face. While she admits it took years to overcome bullying and finally take property of she appearance, the 24-year-old amazed numerous with she perseverance, self-love, and body photo activism.