If you’ve obtained a situation of the post-holiday blahs you’re probably not alone. You understand what cures that? plan a holidays in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.

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I recognize it might not seem like it now, yet spring break will certainly be here before you understand it. Friend don’t want to be behind the strength curve once it involves planning your family fun. 

If she dreaming that a beach vacation, Alabama’s beaches room perfect for a family members spring break. If you’ve to be to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach newly (or ever) you already know this. If friend haven’t had the pleasure, allow me introduce you come the factors your household will love spending their spring break on Alabama’s beautiful beaches.

5 factors Why Alabama’s Beaches room Perfect because that a family members Spring Break

1. The beaches family-friendly...yes, really

If you have actually visions of wild college kids and also party central spring rest at the beach, well...not this beaches. The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach neighborhood caters to family vacationers and not huge groups the college youngsters looking to kick up your heels. Castle welcome all tourists who respect the beaches and their other beach-loving guests.

Gulf Shores and also Orange coast are hefty on condos and also vacation rentals and also short on hotel rooms, do it much more attractive come families. In addition, during March and also select work in April, alcoholic beverages space banned indigenous the beach.

And that’s just fine. 

2. Simple to gain To

Alabama’s beaches are well-known vacation point out for human being all across the Southeast. As soon as I visited in respectable 2019, i met human being from throughout Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolinas. What i loved about visiting through the tourists is Gulf Shores is that the same household groups come right here year after year. 

If you’re comes from another component of the nation like i am - ns live in Texas and also it’s about a 10-hour drive - it’s straightforward to paris in. Mobile regional Airport is around an hour away and also Pensacola international Airport is a small less 보다 an hour. Assorted shuttles and also car rental choices are obtainable from the airports. 

3. Breathtakingly Beautiful Beaches

I flourished up reasoning our Texas Gulf coast beaches were what the beach looked like. I don’t typical to hit Texas and also I enjoy living here...but

our beaches aren’t really pretty. 

They’ll gain you her beach resolve if it is what you’re searching for but, in my opinion, the white sands and turquoise waters that Gulf Shores and also Orange Beach space worth the extra distance. Once my kids and I were on a dolphin cruise with Cetacean Cruises, us met a couple from our hometown. True story! once I request if they ever before went to port Aransas or south Padre Island (our adjacent beaches) castle shook their head and said, “The beaches below in Alabama are just better.” 

It’s true. Sorry, Texas. Don’t kick me out. 

If you’ve ever before been to the Caribbean or looked at a vacation magazine or website, you know what I mean when ns talk around those stunning turquoise waters. This beautiful scenery is super easy to access, and you don’t require a passport or one international flight to reap them.

4. So. Much. To. Do.

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If you desire to spend an entire week laying top top the beach and watching the waves, no one’s going to acquire mad at you. If you desire to take it a beach break and also explore the area, you have loads that choices. 

In addition to timeless water activities, such together fishing excursions, dolphin watching, and also parasailing, yes a zoo, the coastal Arts Center, and also more. Yes a TON that dining and shopping options. No issue what your taste in food or tasks is, yes sir something below for you. The Gulf Shores and Orange coast website has all the information you’ll need to setup the best visit. You have the right to do as lot or as little as girlfriend want, and also the vibe is really “go through the flow.” that said, if you’re visiting during the liven spring break season and also want to do activities that call for reservations, such together parasailing, you may want to book in advance. 

Also, the an option of restaurants have the right to be overwhelming, so i recommend exploring what’s available and make a wish list prior to you go. I did not have a single bad enjoy the meal while ns was there however I specifically recommend The Hangout and also Lucy Buffett’s Lulu’s. These room great, family-friendly locations with delicious food and also drinks and things for the youngsters to do. 

5. Condo Life is nice Darn Sweet

As I stated earlier, Gulf Shores and Orange beach is an extremely condo/vacation-home heavy. This is a an excellent way to spend a vacation together a family. If you think you can’t afford it, you’re probably wrong. 

You’ll have to do your very own legwork on the Gulf Shores and Orange beach website - they have links to numerous vacation rental agents - and also plug in the particular location, size and amenities girlfriend need. Her mileage will vary and also there are a the majority of different alternatives available, yet you can easily get a two-bedroom because that a reasonable rate. 

The condo we remained in had actually two spacious bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a complete kitchen and living area, smart TVs, WiFi, a full-size washer and also dryer and also a balcony breakfast area. Oh, go I cite this was beachfront property? that wasn’t sophisticated - it was comfortable with little touches the luxury, yet it to be the kind of place you feel comfortable. It to be the perfect location to have a vacation. The coast was best there and also when we weren’t at the beach, it was a comfy ar to relax. And, isn’t the what vacations space all about? 

Spring break and the coast are right partners. If a spring break family members beach vacation is in the cards for you this year, carry out yourself a favor and check out Alabama’s Beaches. They have actually the absolute best of everything.