Ever due to the fact that the Columbine High college shooting the took location in 1999, the number of mass shootings has increased by an absurd amount.

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From Virginia Tech, come the movie theatre in Colorado, to the most recent shooting the took ar in Jacksonville, Florida, civilians continue to loss victim come acts that pure evil. Evil that prays ~ above the locations with the the very least amount that protection.

Gun-free zones, such as schools, room prime targets for people who want to commit destructive crimes.

A sign on the door before you to walk in speak "No weapons Allowed" will not prevent anyone who is in the attitude of evil from walking into that ar with a loaded rifle or handgun and shooting together many people as they have the right to with no threats due to the fact that everyone else complied with the "No weapons Allowed" rule.

The 2nd amendment is in the structure so americans can defend their lives versus these angry individuals. I carry out not intend schools and also other gun-free zones to allow open carry, however an armed security staff need to be implemented.

I would even go as much as having teachers bring a firearm ~ above campus come ensure if a shooting does take it place, the books and desks aren"t the only line of defense from a barrage that bullets fired indigenous a individuals gun.

Many would advise against the idea the arming teacher or even having weapons be obtainable in any kind of capacity.

They assume the if us were to take away guns from law-abiding citizens that mass shootings would simply go away. This is not the situation at all.

Again, if a human wants come commit a crime of epic proportions and cause as lot pain and also suffering together possible, they will carry out what they target to carry out no issue the laws and also rules collection up in order to "protect" a particular area.

There is a factor there has never been a mass shooting in ~ a pistol show. Remove the "Gun-Free Zone" signs and also arm yourself for the protection of you and your love ones and also the number of shootings would eventually go down in time.

If these transforms are no made and also kept the same, climate there will continue to it is in mass shootings at schools and also other windy gatherings because of the fact that there will always be violent world in this country and also in the world.

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