workplaces are close up door to the general public on Fridays space closed to the general public for application processing and also home inspections.

For Appointments and Information:

Please call to schedule appointments for every applications.

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St. Croix ar 340-778-2211; extensions 6052 or 6058 St. Thomas/St. John District 340-774-2211; expansions 5563 or 5587

Our Purpose

The weapons Bureau offer the residents and visitors the the Virgin Island through registering firearms and also issuing firearm license. The agency regulates the possession of firearms. It records all firearm registrations in the Virgin islands so shed and/or stolen weapons once recovered deserve to be identified and also returned to owners. In addition, the Bureau gives manages firearm associated matters to include the carry of ownership and also safety training.

Qualifications that applicant

Persons who might lawfully carry a firearm

Persons ineligible to own or bring a firearm

Documents needed:

perfect of application. completion of firearm safety course by a neighborhood certified variety instructor; exception for military personnel v DD 214 form. Background inspect with fingerprints collected. Local organization license because that applicants applying for organization protection.

Firearms patent Renewal

Firearm(s) licenses should be renewed every 3 years on her birthday. You need to come in a month before your patent is to it is in expired.

Use of Firearms

The weapons Unit reminds patent holder lock are limited to using their guns license(s) just for the purpose proclaimed on the license. Fail to perform so will an outcome in your license(s) being revoked and your firearm(s) confiscated.

Securing your Firearms

Having a firearm is a good responsibility we are asking that you practice suitable firearms safety. We also ask the you secure your firearm(s) in a safe the is bolted in place. As proclaimed in the vi Code fail to properly store her firearm(s)and allowing it to obtain into the wrong hands may result in arrest and/or conviction, punishable by a good and/or imprisonment, and also you might be topic to forfeiture of her firearm(s) and license.

Firearms right into the Virgin Islands

All weapons must it is in declared before travel. ~ above arrival, every passengers who traveled with a firearm(s) should instantly go come the substation situated in the baggage case area.

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The substation is open up 7 job a week for processing firearms coming and leaving the Territory.

St. Croix airplane Substation 340-473-6835 St. Cutting board Airport Substation 340-473-2676