An officer responding to a lockdown at north Broward Preparatory school in Florida by chance shot self in the leg at the school.

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The original report that motivated the lockdown turned the end to it is in a false alarm. The institution is located about 8 mile from Marjority Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, where a mass shooting left 17 dead and 17 injured.

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CCP accidents in Schools happen with great Frequency

These are simply SOME the the occurrences that have been report in the media. Click the date to check out the media report for any type of of these incidents. 

February 2019, Bus Driver Shot through Student on Board, MN 78-year-old school bus driver shooting by CCP holding defense guard in evident road rage incident; the 8-year old college student on plank was no physically injured.

January 2019, Babylon High School, NY School protection guard and also retired Suffolk county police officer left unloaded, holstered gun on the respond to in a restroom after institution hours.

January 2019, Kingston High School, MI CCP holding grand attending elementary institution basketball video game forgets loaded handgun at the school. The pistol was discovered in the bleachers by adult who notified police.

January 2019, Mustang High School, yes Loaded gun uncovered by staff belonging come an employee v CCP, who planned to walk target shooting, yet forgot to eliminate it native his bag prior to coming into the school.

October 2018, Somerset Academy only School, FL Fifth-grade college student finds loaded handgun in a bathroom accidentally left behind through the school security guard; no injuries reported.

October 2018, Anona elementary school School, FL while demonstrating just how to perform a backflip to third graders in the college yard, a CCP holding substitute teacher"s handgun, loaded v 19 rounds of ammunition, dropped from his waistband; no injuries to be reported.

September 2018, Indepedent elementary School, MT resource Officer pipeline duty weapon in elementary school bathroom. Institution district officials decreased to name the school, however said it was an independent institution district.

March 2018, Seaside High School, CA Teacher coincidentally fires semiautomatic weapon in ~ ceiling throughout gun safety and security training class; one college student is injured by a bullet fragment, two students suffer non-gunshot injuries.

March 2018, George Washington center School, VA School source officer by chance discharged his business weapon; no injuries to be reported.

February 2018, Harmony discovering Center, MN A 3rd grade college student pressed the create of a school liaison officer’s holstered weapon when the officer was talking through some students; the gun discharged with the holster and also the bullet hit the floor, no one was injured.

February 2018, phibìc Broward Prep. School, FL Police officer shoots self in the foot while responding to a false alarm.

February 2018, Elliott allude Elementary School, FL parental finds loaded handgun in bathroom, left behind by school source officer; no injuries reported.

November 2017, Texarkana College, TX student accidentally shoots self in the knee in the parking lot while mirroring his total to one more student.

October 2017, Oxford High School, MI student in scuffle v uniformed deputy reached for the officer"s gun and also was may be to push the trigger; one cartridge struck the floor and also ricocheted into a nearby interior wall; no injuries to be reported.

August 2017, Utah valley University, UT A student v a precious concealed lug permit, accidentally fired his gun in ~ a restaurant ~ above campus; the cartridge hit a table and a light, no injuries were reported.

July 2017, Kennesaw State University, GA College college student is robbed of wallet and also handgun by equipped robbers on campus 3 weeks after ~ campus-carry law goes into effect.

May 2017, Augusta High School, KS A guy with a concealed bring permit coincidentally shot self in the foot; the bullet ricocheted turn off the ground, flying much more than 50 feet, and also hitting a mrs in the calf.

April 2017, college of St. Thomas, MN Student v a concealed lug permit accidentally shoot a bullet with the wall; a college student in the next room experienced a gunshot injury come the head which required surgery.

November 2016, bay City western High School, MI School source officer, also a only City Sheriff’s Deputy, negligently discharged a gun, which went v at the very least one wall and win a teacher who was teaching a class in the neck.

September 2016, Cumberland Christian School, PA A 63-year-old teacher left her invited pistol in restroom where four children, age 6 to 8 found and also handled it; no one was injured and also the teacher resigned and also was charged.

May 2016, Oscar Patterson primary school School, FL A part-time correctional officer coincidentally shot himself in the knee while at the college for a task interview; no students to be injured and the male was treated because that non-life threatening injuries.

May 2015, Utah valley University, UT Student at firearms training course for civilization hoping to end up being certified police officers in Utah coincidentally shoots an additional student; victim experience “very minor” surgery.

September 2014, Idaho State University, ID Professor, and also concealed carry permit holder, shoots self in the foot during course two months after campus-carry goes right into effect.

October 2014, Westbrook primary school School, UT Teacher, a concealed lug permit holder, accidentally shoots it s her in the leg in the bathroom; no students were injured.

March 2014, Weber State University, UT A properly allowed student coincidentally discharges handgun on campus; he to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

January 2014, West primary school School, IA Parent, a retired police officer and firearms instructor, coincidentally shoots himself in the leg in the institution parking lot.

July 2013, Rhode Island College, RI Staff member through CCPs in numerous states as well as NRA-certification together a "Pistol and an individual Protection in the Home" instructor, to be fired after ~ bringing a loaded handgun come work and also losing it; it to be later found in a rubbish can.

May 2013, Rangeivew High School, CO A school worker, who likewise works together an equipped security guard because that a different employer, accidentally shooting a college student in the leg in the parking lot; student undergoes surgery.

May 2013, college of southern MS Police to speak student, a concealed weapons permit holder, appears to have accidentally shot self in the leg.

April 2013, Salem Lutheran School, MN Gun security instructor presume his gun to be empty once he coincidentally fired it; the cartridge went through the wall surface of the cafeteria, no injuries to be reported.

February 2013, valve Independent school District, TX “Certified” instructor misfires during training of institution staff, shooting school department employee in the leg; injury to be non-life threatening.

November 2012, university of Colorado, CO A properly allowed staff member coincidentally discharges she firearm top top campus and injuries herself and also a coworker.

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November 2011, lengthy Island University, NY Criminal justice professor, a retirement police officer, was attempting to safeguard his handgun in the hallway that the campus building before he by chance discharged it, shooting self in the leg.