ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — A line of civilization wrapped around the Berglund facility for the Roanoke valley Gun Show, and this might be the last time the gun present will be held within its four walls.

“It’s not going to stop the Roanoke sink Gun Show. We’re going to find an additional building,” stated Annette Elliott, president of Showmasters.

Elliott is introduce to Roanoke City’s new firearm ordinance i m sorry bans world from taking guns into city buildings and parks.

“I agree through not happen in a pistol in the court buildings and also stuff, but I very disagree with the parks,” said RB Sheegog, a Roanoke City resident.

The Berglund center is own by the City of Roanoke, and also according come Roanoke City lawyer Tim Spencer, the ban will certainly not it is in enforceable until brand-new signs are in place, which is why the gun present was able to see another day.

“It’s a small speed bump. It’s not going to stop us,” claimed Elliott.

When the vote passed top top Monday, march 15, according to Elliott, much more than 100 vendors pulled the end of the pistol show, leaving numerous vendors worried about its future.

President of Showmasters Gun display considers legal action against Roanoke City because of gun ban

“It’s absolutely going to hurt us. The gun reflects are a large part of our business, and it’s definitely going to have actually a an unfavorable impact on our business,” claimed Robert Floyd, Owner of commonwealth Arms in Covington.

WFXR News request Elliott if there will certainly be one more gun display held in ~ the Berglund Center, to which she replied, “the contract looks really solid. Ns can’t watch any way that they deserve to get approximately the August and October dates.”

This new ban has developed a an obstacle for both the city and also the Roanoke valley Gun Show.

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