There to be 39,707 deaths from guns in the U.S. In 2019. Sixty percent the deaths from guns in the U.S. Space suicides. In 2019, 23,941 civilization in the U.S. Passed away by firearm suicide.1 weapons are the way in approximately fifty percent of suicides nationwide.

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In 2019, 14,861 world in the U.S. Died from firearm homicide, accountancy for 37% of total deaths native firearms. Firearms were the method for around 75% the homicides in 2018.

The other 3% the firearm deaths room unintentional, undetermined, from legal intervention, or native public massive shootings (0.2% of full firearm deaths).

There are approximately 115,000 non-fatal firearm injuries in the U.S. Every year.

The financial cost

The estimated yearly cost of gun injury in 2012 exceeded $229 billion—about 1.4% the GDP.2

Prevalence the ownership

31% the all households in the U.S. Have actually firearms, and 22% of American adult personally very own one or an ext firearms.3

Compared with other countries

The U.S. Has relatively low rates that assaultive violence however high firearm mortality prices in comparison through other established nations.4

Risk and also safety

Research has discovered that individuals with risk components for firearm injury and also death are less most likely to safely keep their firearms when contrasted to firearm owner without these threat factors.5,6

Trends in firearm injury and death

Overall since 2006, firearm homicides in the U.S. Have decreased, but the variety of firearm suicides has increased by a comparable amount.4

Even once firearm homicide rates were at their highest in the mid-1990s (just above 7/100,000 population), they to be not higher than those for firearm suicide.

Firearm homicide and also suicide rates vary demographically and geographically.

Learn more abouttrends in firearm injury and also death in the U.S.

The duty of care providers

There space no state or commonwealth statutes that prohibit treatment providers from asking around patients’ accessibility to weapons when the information is relevant to the and wellness of the patient or the and wellness of who else.7,8

Research has displayed that patients are generally receptive to provider questions on firearm accessibility and safety.9,10

Preventing Firearm-Related Injury and also Death: A targeted Intervention

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A brand-new educational video from What You can Do details clinical methods for prevention of firearm injury and death.

×Preventing Firearm connected Injury and Death: A targeted Intervention

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