FBI evidence technicians mark spots in ~ the third-base dugout throughout the after-effects of the shooting at a conference baseball exercise in Alexandria on June 14, 2017. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

The Illinois male who in June opened up fire top top Republican members of conference at a baseball exercise in Alexandria had “cased the field” because that weeks and also was spotted watching the lawmakers pat the day before the shooting rampage, according to a brand-new report authorize Friday.

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Authorities stated they think James T. Hodgkinson selected Eugene Simpson stadium Park together a target as early on as April, when he took photos of the field, which were later uncovered on his phone. The was soon after he had actually driven come Alexandria in a white Ford conversion van, i m sorry he lived out of for months.

The details are amongst those contained in a 41-page report through Alexandria Commonwealth’s lawyer Bryan L. Porter, who concluded the U.S. Capitol and also Alexandria police police officers were “legally justified” in fatally shoot Hodgkinson after the gunman had actually wounded four people, consisting of House majority Whip Steve Scalise, and also engaged policemans in an intense gun battle.

The report claims Hodgkinson fired 62 rounds indigenous the assault-style rifle — 33 near third base, whereby he had actually started his attack, and an additional 29 near house plate. Police officers fired at the very least 40 rounds in ~ Hodgkinson, to mark him 3 times. The occurrence lasted ripe minutes.

Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old unemployed house inspector, had been angry with President Trump, and also police have actually said that deliberately targeted Republicans the morning the June 14. He used a Century Arms worldwide SKS semiautomatic rifle and also a blacksmith & Wesson 9mm handgun, authorities said. He had actually no criminal record, and also the weapons were purchased legitimate in Illinois.

Scalise was shot in the hip and also gravely wounded together he fielded balls at 2nd base, yet he recovered. The Louisiana Republican, who turned 52 ~ above Friday, went back to the house for the an initial time ~ above Sept. 28, wherein he was got with applause and tears.

“I’m absolutely a living example that miracles really do happen,” Scalise said.

Others injured contained Matthew Mika, a lobbyist struck in the chest, and Zachary W. Barth, who operated for a Texas congressman and also was shooting in the lower left leg.

The report credits Scalise’s security detail — Capitol Police agents decision Griner, who was hurt in the leg early on in the shootout, and also David Bailey — through pinning under Hodgkinson through gunfire moment after he began shooting. Bailey, the report says, ran onto the ar amid the gunfire, an action Porter defined as a “courageous act” the “helped avert disaster.”

Griner and also Bailey landed on the field with Scalise about 6:20 a.m. And also parked the black color Chevrolet Suburban they to be driving behind the first-base enntrance gate to the field. They were in the car with the home windows down as soon as the an initial shots were fired just after 7 a.m. Both spotted Hodgkinson in ~ the third-base fence, the rifle barrel sticking through the chain links.

Players to be shouting and also running; others dropped come the ar or dove right into dugouts. Scalise to be the very first to it is in struck. Mika went down next and also was helped off the field. Barth, who was in facility field, ran to the warning track but could not discover a method out. He lay down and “sensed bullets impacting the ground approximately him,” the report says. He to be shot in the leg and ran to the first-base dugout.

Bailey experienced Scalise fall and tried to run to him but was met through gunfire. The report states he heard “bullets go past his head.” stand by the first-base dugout, Bailey changed fire v his Glock pistol.

The report claims Hodgkinson appeared to shed focus and also fired more erratically. He likewise moved, make his way behind home plate come a blue cinder-block storage shed.

Griner to be still at the Chevrolet Suburban, acquisition cover behind the prior driver-side door. Bailey went back to the vehicle to reload as Griner ongoing to shoot. One cartridge struck Griner in the left ankle. She could no much longer stand, despite the report claims she continued to fire together she lay under the Suburban.

Meanwhile, police policemans from Alexandria were speeding towards the ballpark, amongst them Kevin Jobe, Alexander Jensen and Nicole Battaglia. Jobe observed Bailey shooting towards the shed. Battaglia attracted her weapon and ran towards the building. The gunman approached her and fired a to explode of 5 to six rounds, the report says, to mark a Lexus she to be hiding behind.

Jensen, ~ above the pressure just 2 years and also an hour brief of the finish of his midnight shift, retrieved a Bushmaster semiautomatic rifle from his cruiser. His first shot missed. His second struck Hodgkinson in the ideal hip, leading to him to fall and also drop his rifle. The report says Hodgkinson took his 9mm gun indigenous a holster and began shooting.

The report claims Jobe progressed toward Hodgkinson as he fired and yelled come the gunman come “get down.” The report states that one of Bailey’s shots to win the gunman in the chest. Hodgkinson pivoted as Jensen, standing alongside his cruiser 200 feet away, took an additional shot v his .223 caliber Bushmaster, to mark Hodgkinson in the left hip and putting him come the soil a final time.

He died later at a hospital.

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Rachel Weiner contributed to this report.

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