Man Swallowed through Whale Apologizes throughout Interview through Jimmy Kimmel

The so late night host said favor many, the didn"t believe the whale tale when he first heard it


This might 10, 2018, record photo in ~ left shows a humpback whale feeding close to Gloucester, Massachusetts. At right is Michael Packard, a lobster diver who says he to be swallowed right into a humpback’s mouth off Cape Cod."data-ellipsis="false">

Michael Packard, the Massachusetts lobster diver swallowed by a whale last week, apologized come the huge mammal during an figure on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Wednesday night.

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"I desire to apologize to the whale for acquiring in his way, and I won"t ever do that again," the said.

Kimmel grilled Packard on the endure while the diver sat inside a mock-up of a whale"s mouth specially developed for his appearance. The late night organize said like many, he didn"t believe the whale tale as soon as he an initial heard it.

"This is really one of the craziest story I"ve ever before heard," Kimmel said. "You"ll most likely be telling this story till the day you die."

Packard called Kimmel it felt like he acquired hit "by a freight truck" as soon as the whale swallowed him while he was diving for lobster turn off the coastline of Cape Cod.

"This bang, and also everything simply went soon dark, and I"m just moving, traveling quick through the water. I"m like, "What the heck, go I simply get consumed by a shark?" but no, a shark"s mouth is not that big, and I don"t feel any teeth."

He said the endure was choose being in a moving automobile only v water rushing in.

"I to be struggling and banging and also kicking and also just thinking "There"s no method I"m walking to gain out of this uneven he decides to let me go. I"m dead. This is how I"m going to go.""

In all, Packard claimed he was most likely in the whale"s mouth for around 30 or 40 seconds prior to it spit him earlier out.

When the got earlier to the boat, he claimed the first thing the exclaimed was, "I was in the whale"s mouth!"

Packard additionally clarified come Kimmel the he wasn"t technically "swallowed" by the whale, because he wasn"t digested and also he to be spit out.

"I wasn"t swallowed, Jimmy," the said. "I remained in his mouth."

Before leave the show, Packard got a couple of parting gifts from Kimmel, consisting of a "Free Willy" DVD, a deserve to of whale repellent spray, a "Kiss me, I gained swallowed through a whale" T-shirt and also a unique Fudgie the Whale cake with a guy inside the it.

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Packard additionally gave a shout-out to the firm that sells the lobsters he catches, Wellfleet Shellfish agency in Eastham.