CONOR MCGREGOR joined a small club of UFC fighters to break your legs in his trilogy fight v Dustin Poirier.

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The infamous shattered his left tibia in the an initial round the his UFC 264 rubber match with his old featherweight rival, which was ruled a TKO defeat.


Conor McGregor looks at his broken leg during following his UFC 264 trilogy through Dustin PoirierCredit: Reuters

The Notorious' foot was easily splinted together, although he did provide a post-fight interviewCredit: Getty

McGregor, 32, has efficiently undergone surgery and also will it is in on crutches because that the next six weeks.

The UFC's first simultaneous two-weight champion will certainly then start his long road back to recovery.

The Irishman's horrific injury was, surprisingly, only the fourth leg rest in UFC history.

Here, SunSport recaps the 4 breaks and the fighters' respective roads ago to recovery.

Corey Hill vs Dale Hart - UFC Fight because that the Troops: December 2008

ULTIMATE Fighter season 5 contestant Corey Hill hold the unfortunate accolade of gift the very first fighter to break their leg within the octagon.

Moments after the start of the 2nd round the his clash v Dale Hartt, Hill had a difficult leg kick checked by his opponent.


The late Corey Hill (L) suffered the an initial leg break in UFC historyCredit: GETTY

Hill's shin shattered top top impact, yet the break to be made even worse as soon as he put weight earlier on the hurt leg. The climate 2-1 lightweight collapsed and also shuffled on the canvas in a bid to protect against follow-up shots.

The referee to let go the break however stopped the challenge after screams that 'stop the fight' indigenous UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

The fight proved to be Hill's last within the octagon, although that did properly return to activity two years later at Raging wolf 6.

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Hill fought a more 11 times after the horrific break, picking up 4 victories and also suffering seven defeats.

He tragically passed far in may 2015 after suffering a collapsed lung and also a love attack.

Anderson Silva vs chris Weidman II - UFC 168: December 2013

FUTURE UFC Hall-of-Famer Anderson Silva fell victim come the second leg rest in the promotion's history in his eagerly-anticipated rematch v Chris Weidman.

Silva entered his 2nd encounter through The every American looking come reclaim the middleweight location he lost as result of excessive showboating.


MMA legend Anderson Silva damaged his left leg in his rematch v Chris WeidmanCredit: UFC

But the Brazilian's dream of coming to be a two-time UFC champion went up in exhilaration in the 2nd round when Weidman perfectly confirm an attempted within leg kick.

Silva's shin shattered instantly and also wrapped about the Serra-Longo MMA standout's leg.

The Spider broke down to the canvas ~ trying to placed weight ~ above his leg and also the hit was automatically waved off.

Silva made a miraculous restore from the horrific break, returning to the cage a only 11 months after the injury.

The fan favourite has completed eight times due to the fact that that fateful night at the MGM cool Garden Arena.

Chris Weidman vs Uriah hall - UFC 261: April 2021

IN a devilish twist of fate, former 185lb champion Weidman suffered the exact same injury the inflicted top top Silva in his UFC 261 rematch through Uriah Hall.

A perfect step-out check from room a only 17 seconds right into the first round shattered Weidman's appropriate tibia and fibula.

Former 185lb champion Weidman endured the same fate in his rematch through Uriah HallCredit: Reuters

Referee Herb Dean instantly waved off the fight once Weidman broke down after attempting to put weight on his behind leg.

The 37-year-old go under the knife the next day and is currently on course to make a speedy recovery.

In June, Weidman posted video footage of self doing part light sparring with one of his training partners - a mere seven weeks ~ his sickening injury.

He still faces a long road ago to complete fitness, but he seems to be on monitor to return to the cage.

Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier III - UFC 264: July 2021

The UFC's poster young snapped his left tibia with simply seconds remaining in the very first round that his rubber enhance with previous interim lightweight champion Poirier.

The origin of McGregor's rest is quiet unclear together his foot folded after that missed a straight left.

But the Irishman's head coach john Kavanagh believes it might have developed when Poirier clogged a rear teep v his elbow.

McGregor had actually surgery last Sunday and will it is in on crutches for six weeks prior to beginning his rehab.

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He composed on Twitter: "Just out of the surgery room guys!

"Surgery walk excellent! emotion tremendous!

"Six main on crutches and we construct back! Let's go! God bless."

McGregor is identified to struggle again, back it's much more than likely he won't be ago in the cage till July 2022 at the earliest.

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