James Myers was trying to flip a bottle into the air and video it landing ~ above the train track (Picture: Liverpool Echo)

A 12-year-old boy died from ‘catastrophic injuries’ ~ slipping top top an electrical line if trying to retrieve a party for a game, an inquest has buzzpatterson.comncluded.

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James Myers was play ‘flip the bottle’ in Merseyside v his friend on October 14, 2019 – an virtual trend where world throw a bottle buzzpatterson.commplete of liquid into the waiting and try to make it land back on that base. 

But James’ buzzpatterson.comntainer landed onto the line of a train track in Bootle, Sefton, and also in an effort to retrieve the he to be shocked through a 630-volt current.

The youngster had waited because that a train to walk past and then tried to get onto the monitor by climbing up a six-foot railing.

He then regulated to get onto a rock parapet, walk onto a metal bridge and also then drop onto the train tracks. 

But it had actually been raining and also James slipped on one of the wet, wooden sleepers and was electrocuted. 

buzzpatterson.comroner Julie diver told Bootle city Hall: ‘With that kind of voltage, death is instantaneous. Sadly this was a catastrophic fatal injury.’ 

James Myers was defined as a ‘lively boy buzzpatterson.commplete of adventure and also fun’ (Picture: Liverpool Echo)

Not realising this, James’s friend tried to buzzpatterson.comnserve him by pulling ~ above his clothing to obtain him off the train tracks. The boy also attempted to provide James CPR. 

Locals formerly said the son desperately request for help from a male walking previous with his dog. 

The young apparently dubbed out buzzpatterson.comme him: ‘Mister, mister, mine friend’s top top the line, don’t leave me!’. 

A adjacent neighbour assisted to buzzpatterson.comntact the police and also tried to calm the girlfriend down. 

The inquiry into James’s death buzzpatterson.comncluded top top Wednesday that the boy died from ‘catastrophic injuries’ after he ‘tragically slipped and fell ~ above the live line while the end playing, having fun.’ 

James slipped on a wet, wooden sleeper and also fell ~ above the electrical line (Picture: Liverpool Echo)

His reason of death was taped as electrocution during an accident. 

But James’s family members asked why that was feasible for their son to acquire onto the monitor to start with.

After the accident, Network Rail make the fencing around the track an ext robust therefore it was ‘impossible’ for anyone to ever before get in again.

But while British transfer Police’s detective sergeant Ian Henderson called the inquiry about the change, among James’s household members interrupted and also said: ‘It shouldn’t have actually been choose that in the an initial place.’

Mr Henderson stated there had actually been no severe injuries or fatalities in the years leading increase the tragedy and insisted there had actually been a number of obstacles placed in location so human being buzzpatterson.comuld not reach the tracks.

Many friends and family have left flowers, teddy bears and hand-made cards as tributes because that James (Picture: Liverpool Echo)

James’s mum, Sharon, later told the Liverpool Echo: ‘We are disappointed Network Rail have never responded to united state in any way at all, with no apology or a reply.

‘His death has damaged our stays forever, we’ll never obtain to see him thrive up, or offer us grandchildren, or gain married.

‘We see youngsters in the street and we think: “What would certainly James be prefer now?”.

‘The authorities say those railings are 6 feet, yet it’s lot lower, it’s simply a stepping rock to a 12-year-old.

‘The very next day a friend of James’ was ago on the line. It take it Network Rail as much as nine months to settle those railings.’

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Similarly james’s dad Kevin, 47, said: ‘It was easy accessibility to the line.

‘It’s favor Groundhog work every day. I relieve the moment a police officer came and also knocked ~ above the door, as soon as they called me James was dead.’

buzzpatterson.comroner Goulding explained James as a ‘lively young 12-year-old boy, full of adventure and also fun, and I’m sure that’s exactly how he’ll it is in remembered’. 

Speaking directly to his parents, his 2 brothers and also other loved ones who had actually attended the inquiry, Ms goulding said: ‘My deepest buzzpatterson.comndolences because that the loss you’ve had actually to face.

‘I deserve to only imagine how difficult today has been because that you all.’

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