Guy’s American Kitchen and also Bar was no a success because that the celebrity chef. | Dylan Rives/Getty Images

Guy Fieri’s new York restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, has recently closed. Through an opening so bad that Fieri’s PR team wanted him come apologize to the public, it’s basic to imagine why the venture was therefore short-lived. Review on to learn about the history of Guy’s American Kitchen and also Bar, and also how it received one of the worst restaurant reviews ever written.

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1. The beginning

Fieri opened Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar in new York City earlier in 2012. This was by no method Fieri’s first attempt at opening a restaurant (he had previously effectively opened several areas of Johnny Garlic’s, a California pasta grill), but this was his very first time taking a stab in ~ a new York restaurant.

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2. He had actually been warned


Emeril Lagasse warned that about new York restaurants. | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Prior to opened Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, cook Emeril Lagasse warned Fieri around the competitive nature of new York dining. “His main issue was the Fieri didn’t have a trusted team, favor Bobby Flay and Mario Batali,” says The day-to-day Meal. Regardless of his colleague’s warning, he went ahead with the restaurant.

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3. The most scathing evaluation in the history of the New York Times


The review caught a many attention. | Dylan Rives/Stringer/Getty Images

Upon opening Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, Fieri obtained some horrific reviews, specifically from brand-new York times writer Pete Wells. Forbes writer Larry Olmsted referred to as the testimonial “the solitary most scathing I have the right to recall in my 30+ years of reading the Times.”

“I loved analysis it, not since I have anything versus Fieri, but due to the fact that it was an extremely well written and also hilarious,” claimed Olmsted.

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4. The review


It in reality was pretty funny to review — if friend weren’t male Fieri. | Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

The new York Times well known review placed Wells on the map in terms of food critique (Fieri’s fame facilitated that). Olmsted is right, despite uncharitable and also unapologetic, it’s quite funny. It’s posed as a letter come Fieri himself, asking such questions as “What exactly around a small salad with 4 or 5 miniature croutons provides Guy’s Famous big Bite Caesar (a) big (b) famed or (c) Guy’s, in any meaningful sense?” and also “Is this how you role in flavor Town?”

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5. Fieri’s PR team


His team want him come apologize because that the food. | Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, Fieri was upset over the evaluate (it wasn’t simply Wells that didn’t favor the food). According to The daily Meal, his PR team wanted him to apologize for the bad quality the the food and also even shut down till all the problems could it is in resolved. That didn’t. Instead, he argued that everyone reviewed him as well close to the restaurant’s opening.

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6. Various other chefs weighed in


Chef Sandra Lee grounding by male Fieri. | Thos Robinson/Getty Images

Though part Food Network chefs safeguarded Fieri after the well known review went live, others declined to comment or stayed neutral, the general agreement seemed to be “I’m just glad that wasn’t me.”

“I’m not going to lie, i was like thank God it’s no me. They to be going ideal down the line and also ripping,” stated chef Paul Malvone.

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7. Today, the restaurant’s closed


The restaurant closed in ~ the finish of 2017. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After 5 years of gift in business, and also after one of the rockiest beginning in restaurant history, Guy’s American Kitchen and also Bar close up door on December 31, 2017.

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“There to be both really high highs and really low lows for Guy’s throughout the years — most famously when Fieri took house the optimal prize at the 2013 Food & alcohol festival citizens bash and also most infamously when Times critic Pete Wells positively skewered the restaurant in an unprecedently scathing zero-star review,” said Eater new York. Fieri has actually not given a factor for the restaurant’s closing, only that that is proud to have actually served the human being who came there to eat.