LOS ANGELES, CA - march 07: television personality Ryan Dunn attends the Blu-ray and also DVD relax of Paramount residence Entertainment's "Jackass 3" in ~ the great Studios on march 7, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

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Police have released more details around Jackass star Ryan Dunn’s death.

Dunn to be driving 130 mile an hour once he crashed his 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 beforehand Monday morning, TMZ reported, citing officers. The accident led to a fiery crash that killed both himself and his passenger.

STORY: ‘Jackass Star’ Ryan Dunn Drunk at Time that Death

Michael Carroll, chief that the West Goshen Township (Pa.) Police Department, told reporters that Dunn’s speed had actually been estimated after a team rebuilded the accident.

Dunn’s car collided through a guardrail and also crashed in the woods.

Carroll stated it was the “worst” accident he’d ever seen, including that he’d “never viewed a car destroyed in an automobile accident the means this car was … even prior to it caught on fire.”??

VIDEO: Bam Margera visits Ryan Dunn’s Crash Site; Breaks down in Tears

After news the Dunn’s fatality broke, several in Hollywood that were close come him required to Twitter come mourn.

“Today I shed my brothers Ryan Dunn,” other Jackass star Johnny Knoxville tweeted. “My love goes out to his family and also his lovely Angie. RIP Ryan,” the added, finishing with: “I love friend buddy.”

PHOTOS: Hollywood’s notable deaths

Van Toffler, president the MTV Networks music/films group, stated in a declare Monday: “We are devastated by the tragic ns of Ryan Dunn — a beloved member of the MTV family for more than a decade. That made united state all laugh and had the tireless enthusiastic technique to life of her favorite center school friend. Our thoughts and deepest condolences room with Ryan’s family and friends. The Jackass brotherhood will never be the same.”

Roger Ebert also brought about an uproar after the tweeted a connect to a news story top top the truth star’s death and wrote: “Friends don’t allow Jackasses drink and also drive.”

STORY: i get it Ebert not Finished Tweeting around Ryan Dunn Yet

Almost instantaneously, he was barraged through tweets from followers and also fans the the late reality star expressing your disapproval end the comment and also asking him to apologize.

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Ebert backtracked a bit on his blog Tuesdaysaying that regretted that his tweet to be “considered cruel”: “I regret the my tweet about the event was considered cruel. The was not intended as cruel. It was intended together true.”


Ryan Dunn’s Reality show Pulled native G4 Schedule

‘Jackass’ Ryan Dunn dies After Porsche Is ‘Engulfed in Flames,’ states Police Report

‘Jackass’ Star Ryan Dunn, 34, dies in automobile Crash

Twitter pendant pay respects come Dunn

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