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Editor’s note: Some could find footage in the video clip above graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

PLEASANT VALLEY, Mo. — Surveillance video captured a Northland male striking his neighbor’s dog v a machete in his garden Saturday.

Pleasant sink police stated this is still under investigation.They believe the neighbor to be within his rights because the dog was on his property and had to be attacking his pets pig.

The owner of the pit bull, i beg your pardon is called Joe, didn’t desire to provide their name, yet wanted come share their side of the story v FOX4.

“It was terrifying,” the mrs said. “Having someone wield a machete at your dog as you’re trying come grab the dog far from what that attacking, it is terrifying, especially considering ns could’ve to be hit.”

The pig’s owner, Paul Decker, stand by his use of the machete.

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“What if it was a child? What if it was among my grandkids?” Decker said. “It’s the second time the this dog the fence and also just this pig up.”

Police confirmed a previous assault by the pit bull.Officers stated a comparable thing taken place at the very least a year ago.

This time, policemans responded and cited Joe’s owners for having actually a “dangerous dog” and for pet at-large since Joe go onto Decker’s property.

“It doesn’t sound good, and it’s really not,” the mrs said. “It’s horrible. We’re sorry the Joe did it in the an initial place both times.”

Tori Fugate through KC Pet job said pet owners have to be vigilant. She claimed there room humane tethers the owners deserve to buy to store pets confined to a backyard.

“You just never understand if an pet is walking to get distracted and also run off,” Fugate said. “If they’re in a community, we don’t want pets to obtain hit through cars, things favor that, or run into other people’s yards, run v the neighborhoods, since then you have a lost pet on your hands.”

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