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A viral video clip shows the minute a guy punches a mrs on the subway after ~ she told him to take a "chill pill."

The video was very first uploaded to TikTok however has because been reshared to Twitter, wherein it has received an ext than two million views. The brand-new York Post reported that the incident emerged on a D train, though neither the date nor time that the incident was confirmed.

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"Say it come my challenge now," the man shouts in ~ the start of the video. "Tell me to take it a chilled pill. Say the word "chill pill.""

The woman, obviously upset, looks straight at the man and also says "chill pill." immediately after she says this, he launches his fist right into the side of she face.

The train"s passenger gasp, and some start to scream at the man. Behind the camera, the woman recording the video clip can be heard saying, "you wildin"," prior to the man continues to yell in ~ the woman he just hit.

"Mind ya business," he claims multiple times before taunting her, informing her come "say it again." The woman doesn"t bite and also instead continues to stare him down.

Throughout the remainder that the video, the man yells at the train"s passengers.

According come the video"s text overlay, the male was "tight off life as soon as he came in the cart informing to him & his kids" way."

"All she stated was he requirements a cool pill & his children repeated it to him and also it was just put increase from there," the text overlay in ~ the start of the video also said.

There is no footage showing the lead-up to the hit.

On she Instagram page, the video"s initial poster said: "I wanted to help ole girl soo bad but the way it to be looking the totality train would certainly watched me gain my a** to win tf up by him and also probably his kids."

The Post formerly said that, in ~ the very first five months of 2021, 233 strikes were reported in new York City"s subway system.

"Adjusted for ridership, there to be 2.87 crimes per million riders on the subways in May, a 37 percent increase contrasted to April — and the highest rate because October, as soon as NYPD recorded 149 felonies top top the subways and 3.1 crimes every million riders," the paper added.

Last month, the Metropolitan transportation Authority (MTA) announced the it had actually finished installing security cameras in each one of the city"s subway train station in an initiative to mitigate crime.

"If you space a criminal that preys top top those who usage our system, you will have your image captured and also be put on the express monitor to justice. The picture will be delivered to the police, and the police will usage it to find you," the MTA claimed in a statement acquired by

Twitter commenters to be disappointed, not only at the guy for hitting the woman however primarily through the train"s passengers, who didn"t intervene.

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"She stayed standing. Take it his small punch and still go eye to eye. Tougher than him," stated Twitter user
cjw. "The whole train auto should be ashamed the themselves."

"I"m surprised half the human being didn"t subdue him ideal there simply out of protection for the kids let alone himself and also everyone else," added a commenter under the username The herbal Eye

"The means people will never aid you," someone else exclaimed.

According to The Post, the NYPD was made mindful of the situation and is "investigating the assault."


A viral video clip shows the moment a guy punches a woman on the subway ~ she told him to take a “chill pill.” art2002/iStock