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Heineken unveiled a new integrated worldwide marketing campaign called There"s much more Behind the Star. The brand the White Plains, N.Y.-based Heineken USA is inviting consumers to find the authentic stories that are the foundation of the global brand, the says.

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The an international program is consisted of of three brand-new TV advertisement that function award-winning gibbs Benicio Del Toro. Launching in more than 70 markets globally, the campaign focuses squarely on the beer, the brand"s affluent heritage and its international footprint, the company says. The humorous spots view Del Toro to compare what is behind his own “star” condition to details stories behind the Heineken brand. The brand-new commercials were developed by Indianapolis-based Publicis global and filmed in a variety of locations in Barcelona. The spots will certainly be exit in English and Spanish alongside two added pieces the short-form digital content, that adds.

"Consumers significantly want to know what"s continue behind the scenes in all areas of their lives," stated Ralph Rijks, vice president of Heineken, in a statement. "This has their beer of choice. Heineken has a wide range of yes, really backstories that make up its rich background and show why its popular is therefore enduring. Our brand-new campaign is designed to carry these story to life in a fresh and innovative way, utilizing the wit us have end up being famous for."

Willem van Waesberghe, Heineken’s grasp brewer, added: "The brand-new campaign engages consumers in our impending heritage and also focuses on the quality ingredients the ensure the the an excellent taste the Heineken is the same roughly the world. From tiny beginnings to our current an international footprint, one key constant is unchanged — the initial Heineken recipe. The skill and expertise that our grasp brewers way that the top quality of our beer stays as high together it was on day one."

The campaign will mark Del Toro’s an initial role together a brand spokesperson. "I couldn"t it is in happier having actually the opportunity to occupational with Heineken to lug this task to life in a funny way," Del Toro said. "Heineken has a rich history and heritage the speaks because that itself, and I"m excited to carry my talents to this worldwide campaign." 


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