A guy dove into the ocean to swim v a shark thinking that it was harmless. However, as quickly as he went near the fish, that realised that it can be a good white shark. Clock viral video:


Encinitas: A California male who dove right into the Pacific ocean to swim with a "harmless basking shark" was shocked when he realised it was no harmless. The incident happened close to the beach city the Encinitas in san Diego County. A video of the male jumping off the boat for a swim with the shark has actually gone famous on society media.

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In the video, a shark"s fin have the right to be checked out slicing v the s as a man, identified as Ryder, dives off a boat thinking the the fish is a unauthorized basking shark. However, as quickly as he hits the water, he begins to panic reasoning realising that it can be a an ext aggressive species.

"That was a bad idea!" Ryder calls out to his friend who space watching the from the boat and also begins swimming away native the shark together a girlfriend yells, "Get earlier on the boat!"

Watch the video here:

"that"s no a basking shark Dude!" native r/TheOutlawsAssociation

"Ah! i touched it!" Ryder screams earlier at his friends, however, the cameraman move the structure to the water to display a enormous shark coming near the boat"s edge.

The cameraman realises the it is not a basking shark and also might it is in a great white shark instead.

"Dude that"s a gr...," the cameraman yet stops short and also says, "That"s no a basking shark dude!"

Ryder screams a couple of more times prior to getting earlier on the boat.

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The video clip has unable to do viral across social media platforms consisting of TikTok and also Reddit. While countless netizens questioned over what kind of shark the was, rather wondered why did that dive into the water.

One user said,"Super smart of his friend to protect against himself prior to saying great white and risk his friend panicking." one more asked, "Who look at a shark fin and jumps into the water?"

Someone commented, "This is open minded the scariest video I think I’ve ever before seen." Yet an additional added, "Even the shark to be like, "Is this dude serious?""


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