Colorado jogger Travis Kauffman spoke around the fight v a hill lion that left the with much more than 25 darn on his face and wrist.

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The Colorado jogger who eliminated a hill lion with his bare hands has come forward to define the vicious battle that ended with that getting an ext than 25 bland on his face and wrist.

Travis Kauffman, 31, an eco-friendly consultant from ft Collins, combated off a 50-pound mountain lion on Feb. 4 as soon as he was to run on a trail in ~ Horsetooth mountain Park.

"I feeling really fortunate that this case turned out the method that it did,"" he told reporters at a push conference top top Thursday.


The 5-foot-10, 150-pound Kauffman was able to have actually a sense of humor around the harrowing situation after that suffocated a 50-pound mountain lion to fatality that to be lacerating his face and also wrist with its claws.

Kauffman was jogging as soon as he heard a rustling in the pine needles behind him and turned to watch a mountain lion around 10 feet away. In hindsight, the was grateful he wasn"t listening to music or that would"ve never heard the hill lion behind him.

"I couldn"t think it when I turned,"" the said. "As it obtained close, it just lunged at me, so i threw my arms up. The latched onto mine wrists and started clawing at my face and also my legs.


It was a rarely encounter, as hill lions have only eliminated 20 human beings in the U.S. In the last 100 years. Experts say the pets usually avoid human contact.

Kauffman tumbled off the side of the trail v the hill lion latched on come him. He tried to jab that in the neck with sticks and hit it through a rock, yet that had actually no effect.

"It yes, really clicked after ns hit that in the head v a rock and it didn"t relax my wrist, the at point, an ext aggressive procedures were necessary,"" the said.

He to be able to get on peak of the mountain lion, pen its foot to the ground and also then relocate one the his legs to the animal"s neck, suffocating it to death.

"It was just pure adrenaline," Kauffman said. "There was a certain point where I simply kind that imagined being stuck top top this hillside and just having a cat gnaw at me, i m sorry is a quite creepy method to go."


Kauffman had to acquire 17 darn on his left cheek, six on the leg of his nose, 2 on his ideal cheek, and also a few on his wrist. He likewise suffered contusions and also puncture wounds to his legs.

He has currently returned to the trail for a jog, however has made certain to take follow me a friend this time.

"I"ve been out running and also I feel choose I to be a small bit much more jittery 보다 I had actually been," Kauffman said. "I sort of yes, really analyze all of the paw publish tracks that I check out now."

He is simply grateful he made it residence to his girlfriend, Annie Bierbouer, in one item that day.

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"One of my coworkers when she discovered out it was Travis to be like, "You gotta lock that down,""" Bierbouer stated to laughs at the push conference.

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