around My love Cries for You

"My heart Cries because that You" is a renowned song, adapted by Carl Sigman and also Percy faith from one 18th-century French melody. The music is native an old French tune attributed come Dauphine of France Queen Marie Antoinette " La jardinière du Roi". The chorus "My heart cries for you, Sighs for you, dies for you..." is original and does not appear in the French song. The sentimental ballad was taped toward the finish of 1950 by guy Mitchell v Mitch Miller and his orchestra, in a record issued by Columbia documents as brochure number 39067, which offered over a million copies and also reached #2 ~ above the Billboard charts in 1951. More »

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(My heart cries because that you)(Sighs because that you, die for you)(And my arms lengthy for you)(Please come back to me)If you"re in Arizona, I"ll follow youIf you"re in Minnesota, I"ll be over there tooYou"ll have actually a million opportunities to begin anewBecause mine love is endless for youMy heart cries because that youSighs for you, die for youAnd my arms long for youPlease come earlier to average unimportant quarrel was what we hadWe need to learn come live through the good and badTogether we were happy, personally we"re sadThis loneliness is control me madMy love cries for youSighs for you, dies for youAnd my arms lengthy for youPlease come back to mePlease come earlier to mePlease come back, come back, come back to me

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male Mitchell guy Mitchell, born Albert George Cernik (February 27, 1927 – July 1, 1999) to be an American pop singer, effective in his homeland, the U.K. And Australia. As an worldwide recording star the the 1950s he achieved record sales in overabundance of 44 million units and this contained six million-selling singles. Much more »

Written by: CARL SIGMAN, PERCY FAITH license is granted & detailed by LyricFind

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