CONTENT WARNING: The video clip above includes profanity - but when you check out what wake up to the motorcyclist, you"ll understand the bad language. Clock it in ~ your own peril if you"re in ~ work. A southerly California motorcyclist and motovlogger is happy to it is in alive today after that rear-ended a car that reduced him turn off in freeway traffic. top top the morning of may 19, a rider who goes by the manage HD2 was southbound ~ above the Hollywood Freeway in Los Angeles. Traffic is pretty hefty on the 170 during rush hour, yet our man was cruising along in the largely clear carpool roadway on his Harley-Davidson Fat Bob, enjoy it his morning commute. Regrettably for him, points were about to go sideways actual fast. as HD2 approached the Burbank exit, a blue Toyota reduced from the middle lane, across the hammer lane, and also into the HOV roadway to bypass some slow-moving website traffic - and also cut straight into HD2"s path. Thankfully, HD2 had actually rolled off his throttle as he approached the gerean of traffic, however he was still moving at a an excellent clip once the Toyota appeared. With just seconds to react, he pulled in the clutch and stomped on his rear brake pedal, locking up his rear wheel. He let turn off the brake, yet it was as well late to maneuver and he plowed straight into the rear of the Toyota. The influence threw HD2 over the handlebars, and also he came down on his earlier on the Toyota"s behind window. Supposedly unaware the he"d just caused a nasty crash, the Toyota driver ongoing on his method with HD2 pounding ~ above the rear window, make the efforts to acquire him to stop. Eventually the driver stopped, and also a shaken yet mostly uninjured HD2 faced him. The quickly discovered that the Toyota to be a rental, and also the young guy driving it had waived the add-on rental insurance. The California Highway Patrol arrived quickly after, take it statements, and also helped obtain the sadly mangled Harley ~ above what small shoulder over there was. "The funniest point I remember to be that once I educated the officer the he had actually crossed in former of me by illegally relocating over the twin yellow, the officer"s an answer was, "But walk he have his blinker on?"" HD2 called next from some nerve damage in his leg and a sick back, HD2 walked away from the crash fairly unscathed. Unfortunately, his bike wasn"t for this reason lucky and was totaled by the insurance agency due to frame damage. The Toyota driver was no cited for his role in the crash, however HD2 stated that that won"t pursue any kind of claims or charges against him. "With every one of that said, I have not gone after to sue the individual or go after him in any type of way.

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I carry out not understand if mine insurance has actually contacted that or if the rental firm has contacted him. Ns hope that he has actually just learned his lesson." Related Video: