New pictures show the progress made through a man who to be horribly mutilated in an unprovoked cannibal attack. Warning: graphics images.

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New pictures and also a video clip of a homeless man whose challenge was practically chewed turn off in a horrifying assault in Miami critical year have been released.

Ronald Poppo lost his left eye, his nose and most the the bordering skin when a nude man struck him because that no reason alongside a motorway. That was likewise left blind in his continuing to be eye.

In a video posted online by the hospital caring for him, Mr Poppo strummed a guitar, joked v his nurses and, although the wears a baseball cap, pipeline his challenge uncovered to deal with the camera.

"People in my predicament need to be helped out, and also I"m sure there"s other people likewise that have actually the same type of predicament. I thank the outpouring of world contributing, I"ll always be thankful for that," he said in the short video.

Mr Poppo spent almost a month in hospital ~ the attack, prior to moving come a long-term treatment facility.

His medical professionals at Jackson Memorial Hospital and the college of Miami Miller college of medication praised mr Poppo because that his resilience and said the is satisfied with the surgeries and also skin grafts that have closed his wounds.

Mr Poppo could still use his very own tissues or prosthetics to change his sleep or eye, but he is not interested in more facial reconstruction, doctors said.

Dr Wrood Kassira, a plastic surgeon, said: "There"s still job-related that deserve to be done, but he"s much more than happy with how he is now, and he"s fairly grateful."

A Miami police officer shot and also killed Mr Poppo"s attacker, 31-year-old Rudy Eugene.

It is still not clear what furious the attack. Callers reported seeing a nude Eugene swinging from a lamp article minutes prior to the attack. Laboratory tests discovered only marijuana in his system.

Ruth Charles, Eugene"s mother, said: "To tell girlfriend the truth, ns don"t feel favor going back to this point again. I"m just trying to recover from what happened."

Mr Poppo does not blame Eugene for what happened, stated Adolfa Sigue, nurse manager in ~ the Jackson Memorial Perdue medical Centre, where he lives.

"The just thing the he always tells me is that, "I"m certain that that man had actually a negative day that day,"" Ms Sigue said.

Mr Poppo, 66, quiet requires everyday medical care for his wounds, and he is working with job-related therapists and also specialists native the Miami Lighthouse because that the remote to learn just how to change to his blindness.

Image: Ronald Poppo pictured a couple of months after the strike

He has actually not permitted any tourists to watch him, various other than his doctors, nurses and therapists.

Ms Sigue said he  does no answer the call in his room and has not wanted to talk with relatives various other than a sister, who calls the nurse"s mobile call to get through.

Mr Poppo"s caretakers describe him as a charming, cooperative patient that enjoys listening come Miami warmth basketball gamings on the radio.

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He can stay at the medical centre indefinitely. His treatment is extended by Medicaid, and a Jackson Memorial foundation fund has raised $100,000 (£66,000) because that his medical expenses.

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